PPP welcomes UN report

April 16, 2010

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Peoples Party welcomed The UN Inquiry Commission's report, said former Senator Farhatullah Babar Spokesperson in a statement on Friday.

The Commission's finding that `the failures of the police and other officials to react effectively to Ms Bhutto's assassination were, in most cases, deliberate' points to a conspiracy that the PPP believed had been hatched to physically eliminate its Chairperson, he said.

Recalling significant comments from the report the spokesperson said that the Commission has found it `inexcusable' that federal authorities failed to issue a similarly directive to protect Ms Bhutto as it had done when it issued a directive on October 22 for the protection of ex-Prime Ministers Shaukat Aziz and Chaudhry Shujat Hussain.

"This is all the more troubling as she had been attacked in Karachi just three days prior to the October 22 directive, and intelligence agencies had specific, on-going and credible threats to her", the report has said.

Babar said that the report takes note of not immediately cordoning off the crime scene, washing the crime scene within one hour and forty minutes of the blast and the collection of only 23 pieces of evidence, in a case where one would normally have expected thousands, endorsing the suspicion voiced by the Party at the time.

Babar added that the report will be examined by legal experts of the Party to recommend to the Co-Chairman necessary steps to be taken in its light. Persons named in the report for negligence or complicity in the conspiracy will be investigated and cases also brought against them in the light of the legal opinion, he said.


Danish Syed | 13 years ago | Reply I dont think we even needed that report anyway it was mere a formality , when the president and prime minister clearly stated many times that they knew who is involved in the assasination attempt. blaming secret agencies and ISI in particular well thats nornal , west is always consistent to keep our ISI in controversies. the UN report was not conclusive at all waste of time , waste of millions of dollars and people remained disappointed with democracy.
Malik Wajid | 13 years ago | Reply The only important thing I heard said in the report was 'Ms. Bhutto was killed because of not enought security and Musharaff's government is responsible for it. I mean you can ask even a little kid and he would even tell you those same reasons. I don't understand why these damn corrupt politicians and zardari being the father of all them paid millions or even billions of dollars to UN just to say all that: NOT ENOUGH SECURITY AND MUSFHARRAF IS RESPONSIBLE. All I can say now is that May Allah guide our politicans and people of Pakistan to the right path. And May Allah protect Pakistan from these corrupt people. Ameen.
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