Altaf Hussain demands solution to power crisis

Express April 16, 2010


Muttahida Qaumi Movement(MQM) chief Altaf Hussain appealed to the government to rationalise electricity at official residences, including that of bureaucrats, chief ministers, governors, the president and prime minister.

Addressing MQM members in London, Mr Hussain demanded the government to take action against influential people who have not paid electricity dues. Altaf said accusing the common man of electricity theft is not fair.

He said the economic condition coupled with electricity loadshedding is wreaking havoc to peoples' lives.

Altaf Hussain called on the government to exercise simplicity and avoid pompous lifestyles.


A Khan | 14 years ago | Reply I am with Altaf Hussain on this he should not come back to Pakistab since establishment and Jaagirdars, Vaderas, Maliks will get him killed like the entire Bhutto khaandan. We don't have any more leaders left who can mobilize people like Altaf does besides MQM is fully organized and they believe in grass root politics not drawing room politics. It does not matter if is not Pakistan. MQM chaned the whole picture of Urban Sindh with development. They have got something in the bag to offer to Punjab and show them if they are given a chance they have a "can do attitude". I have been to London and saw Altaf's apartment from outside it did not look like a luxurious apartment anybody who have an odd job in London can afford it. Besides I heard that Mustafa Kamal and many other MQM MPAs and MNAs dont even have their own houses they live in rented houses. We welcome MQM in Lahore. Thanks MQM
Tanzeel | 14 years ago | Reply Would Mr Altaf Hussain not invite his Rabta Committee to London regularly in order to save money, petroleum and transportation? Entire Rabta committee never visit London to attend general meetings. Only 1 or 2 high profile members of rabta committee visit London which I believe is justified. Instead of calling dozens of people to London, he should come to Karachi for the same reason! Its quite economical to speak to thousands of people in different cities at a time and that too in Re.1 / minute. Isn't it ?
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