Money laundering case: Police interrogation dependent on Altaf Hussain’s health

Published: June 4, 2014
An MQM supporter holds photograph of Altaf Hussain during a gathering Nine-Zero in Karachi on June 3, 2014 following the arrest of Hussain, in London. PHOTO: REUTERS

An MQM supporter holds photograph of Altaf Hussain during a gathering Nine-Zero in Karachi on June 3, 2014 following the arrest of Hussain, in London. PHOTO: REUTERS

ISLAMABAD: The medical report of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain, who was arrested in London on June 3 for alleged money laundering, will determine if he is healthy enough to record a statement before the Metropolitan police, Express News reported on Wednesday.

Hussain was arrested from his house in northwest London and spent the night at a local hospital in police custody, where he got medical tests and a check-up done. Thus far, he has not been released on bail or indicted.

Doctors will conduct a fasting blood test today at around 11am GMT after which it will be decided if Hussain is fit to be interrogated by the police or not.

Altaf is still in custody and until he is interrogated, the police cannot permit anyone to see him.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Wednesday contacted Governor of Sindh Ishratul Ebad via telephone and spoke about the health of the MQM chief. This is the second time they have contacted the governor.

The prime minister and the interior minister assured him that the government will support MQM legally.

Protests continue 

The MQM party members and supporters continued their sit-in at Numaish Chowrangi for a second day. Party members and leaders, including women, children and the elderly, had gathered at the junction Tuesday evening to stage a peaceful protest. Leaders of the party taking part in the demonstration said that they have no standing without their leader.

MQM supporters during the sit-in at Numaish Chowrangi on June 4. PHOTO: RABIA ALI

Members from the Christian community also joined the sit-in on Wednesday. A representative stated that Altaf Hussain and MQM have their support, adding that it was wrong of the London police to arrest such an esteemed leader without an enquiry.

Public transport services were suspended in the city and many businesses remained shut. Several petrol pumps in Karachi are also closed.

MQM representative Farooq Sattar said “90 percent of businesses and public transport have been closed on a voluntary basis.” Speaking to Express News at Numaish Chowrangi, he stated that people have stopped these activities out of their love for Altaf Hussain.

“It is true that 10 percent of people have closed their shops out of fear, but that is fear of those people who would take advantage of such situations,” Sattar stated.

Reiterating MQM’s earlier stance, the senior leader said that his party will hold a peaceful demonstration in a democratic manner. He added that their purpose in holding a sit-in at Numaish Chowrangi is to show Hussain support and assure him that he is not alone.

Sattar also said that any violence in the city is against MQM’s policy.

He also requested the government to contact the British government and assure the supporters of the MQM chief that necessary steps were being taken for the protection of Hussain’s life as well as for his well-being.

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) senior leader Nisar Khuhro is also taking part in the sit-in. At the dharna, Khuhro expressed support for MQM, saying that “it was nice to support a democratic companion and it was their duty to support each other.”


Meanwhile, Inspector General (IG) Sindh and the Additional IG joined Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah at the CM House and briefed him about the current law-and-order situation in Karachi. Shah advised the police officials to maintain peace in the city.

As a pre-emptive measure, intermediate and technical board examinations have been postponed in the metropolitan city. Some universities – including Karachi University (KU), Federal Urdu University, Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology (SSUET) and Jinnah-Sindh Medical University – have also delayed their examinations.

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Reader Comments (42)

  • logic
    Jun 4, 2014 - 11:18AM

    “Police interrogation dependent on Altaf Hussain’s health”
    If it is so than London Police will have to wait for many many years to start interrogation..


  • Babloooooo
    Jun 4, 2014 - 11:21AM

    Pretending a heart attack is a viable option and Bhai is very good in it :)


  • Anonymous
    Jun 4, 2014 - 11:46AM

    Kindly type full name in your news. You are addressing Altaf hussain as “Hussain” which is very wrong.


  • Maher
    Jun 4, 2014 - 12:05PM

    ahahahah and in drama , BHAI is champion


  • Earth on Fire
    Jun 4, 2014 - 12:26PM

    British Police will enjoy its stay…… as we do on screen, why given chance to work in british theaters… Pigy


  • John
    Jun 4, 2014 - 12:34PM

    When the going gets tough,the “tough” goes chicken !


  • Ali
    Jun 4, 2014 - 12:45PM

    Well a person cant be forced to testify if he or she is not in good physical or mental health. I hope he gets well soon to stand forth for his case


  • Hamdani
    Jun 4, 2014 - 1:06PM

    Why is this article referring to Altaf Hussain with his last name only? Stop copying the west pls. This does not apply here..Recommend

  • Ali
    Jun 4, 2014 - 1:08PM

    No capital punishment in Britain :(


  • Shahriyar
    Jun 4, 2014 - 1:21PM

    Quaid e Tehreek suffered a heart attack and went through surgery as well and the people of Karachi are told about that today. This is a historic tragedy.


  • Shahriyar
    Jun 4, 2014 - 1:22PM

    @logic: Well when the Quaid left for London back in 1991 he was said to be seriously ill and people were told he went there for treatment so it seems that the treatment has finally started


  • Shahriyar
    Jun 4, 2014 - 1:22PM

    @Anonymous: Stone ET


  • Ali Khan
    Jun 4, 2014 - 1:33PM

    I hope he is jailed for many many yearsemphasized text


  • Crazy Canuck
    Jun 4, 2014 - 1:36PM

    A thief is caught stealing and the entire city shuts down in protest. Waah Karachi waah!


  • sajida
    Jun 4, 2014 - 1:48PM

    And the Oscar for best acting goes to…..


  • Betel-Q8
    Jun 4, 2014 - 1:53PM

    Yeah, that’s so annoying.
    But no worries. The real capital punishment is there in the life hereafter.


  • liaqat ali
    Jun 4, 2014 - 2:29PM

    @John: Agree and it is proven in case of Mush also Who reaemained in hospital for months to avoid being indicted. These strongmen are strong only when in control of army or in case of AH, control of masses thru telephone.


  • Jun 4, 2014 - 2:30PM

    First of all Thanks Metro and finally thanks Metro.


  • Bewildered
    Jun 4, 2014 - 2:34PM

    Bhai has learnt a few things from his guru Parvez Musharaf, as it seems. One of that is how to fake an heart attack.


  • Naqi
    Jun 4, 2014 - 2:56PM

    agree with your pointRecommend

  • Timorlane
    Jun 4, 2014 - 3:20PM

    @Betel-Q8: do they look like they believe that


  • Timorlane
    Jun 4, 2014 - 3:23PM

    @liaqat ali: hey please don’t say a word against mush the general even though his NRO devastated the country much like the country’s position on Kashmir was devastated by his “adventure” in Kargil. The generals are above the law, constitution and criticism in this country


  • Karachi lover
    Jun 4, 2014 - 3:29PM

    The UK MET Police is not like our police, they first do their homework and than go for the suspects. They must be having strong evidences against Mr.hussain and thats why they have taken him into custody.


  • Mohammed
    Jun 4, 2014 - 3:30PM

    If he does feign a heart attack at least we wont have to put up with pointless speeches with a zombie audience based in Karachi. BTW why haven`t the MQM brought London to standstill, afterall he is British citizen, living in the UK?


  • Farooq
    Jun 4, 2014 - 3:41PM

    Interrogation via Telephone will be good for Altaf Husain


  • Maha Malik
    Jun 4, 2014 - 3:50PM

    ”Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Wednesday contacted Governor of Sindh Ishratul Ebad…andspoke about the health of the MQM chief.”

    In place of discussing personal health issues, they should be condemning the enforced shutdown of a city of 25 million – effecting the main business artery of the country and the daily life, commute, and livelihood of the city’s entire citizenry.

    Shameful on all accounts.


  • Jun 4, 2014 - 3:59PM

    He deserves all the punishments.


  • karachi wala
    Jun 4, 2014 - 4:04PM

    Parday main rehne do parda na uthao …. but it seems scotland yard has torn apart the “parda” let alone “parda na hatao”.


  • kammiqazi
    Jun 4, 2014 - 5:00PM

    Cheerleaders of british legal system please study the Al-Yamamah arms deal. MQM simply trying to force the Pakistani Government to do the same.


  • kammiqazi
    Jun 4, 2014 - 5:01PM

    My comments seldom posted by this newspaper. Lets see if I touched the sacred goat again.


  • saleha
    Jun 4, 2014 - 5:08PM

    90 percent of Karachi shut down due to its love for Altaf Hussain……WHAT??? Are u serius??lol…


  • Ch. Allah Daad
    Jun 4, 2014 - 5:33PM

    Are we a nation of extortionists and money launderers? So much support for an alleged criminal is not a good sign. Any civilized organization or party of educated people should have distanced itself from Altaf Hussain but these so called educated people are part and parcel of this great mafia.


  • Mona I
    Jun 4, 2014 - 5:45PM

    Allah Ki Lathi Be Awaz Hai. Her Firon Ke Liay Aik Deryay e Neel Hai.


  • Abbas Ali
    Jun 4, 2014 - 5:53PM

    We all feel sorry not only for Altaf but for sattar, his partner , companion, adviser.He feels the pain more than altaf, for they are soul mates.It is a sad situation that sattar cannot plead with UK govt to allow altaf to be treated by the the excellent health facilities on offer in pakistan, where he can be given the appropriate medication, like paratha made from asli ghee.I am sure he would even be prepared to undergo all questioning and punishment instead of altaf.I am surprised why pakistani high commission wants to get involved in a matter of british subject- could it be, because if the canary starts singing, he might just implicate “others” in similar position?


  • unbelievable
    Jun 4, 2014 - 6:15PM

    Faking medical problems in Pakistan maybe a “get out of jail” card – but that’s not going to cut it in the UK. He will be properly diagnosed and neither heart condition or diabetes are considered ailments which impede you ability to answer questions. Doctors are going to assess whether he is competent to answer questions – not run a marathon.


  • Tariq
    Jun 4, 2014 - 6:24PM

    So this guy wants to come to Pakistan while his health is bad, while Mush wants to leave Pakistan due to health conditions


  • Panjabi
    Jun 4, 2014 - 7:03PM

    Seem like Punjabis are very happy on Altaf Hussain arrest. Hopefully their ethnic leader Nawaz Sharif will suffer same fate one day for supporting the Taliban and not doing operation even they are killing innocent civilians in Pakistan. Nawaz is the true enemy and most corrupt ever leader of Pakistan.


  • din
    Jun 4, 2014 - 8:29PM

    The country gets older and weaker dues to these problems, let’s think broadly with regarding future predictions of country:
    1 – Now a days tahir-ul-Qadri, Imran Khan and Shaikh Rashid joined together and planning for social revolution soon.
    2- Arrest of Altaf Hussain in London
    3 – Military problems at Afghan Border
    If we look above mentioned problems, all issues are concerened with each other, because tahir-ulqadri is an agent of UK govt. and he meet with british ambassador before he did drama in Islamabad last year, so as Imran Khan, Shaikh Rashee is totally concerened with Pervaiz Mushraf, and supporter of MQM, so UK govt played a big game to create turmoil in country by using such parties which are concerned with each other, as far as Altaf Hussain’s arrest is concerened , the UK govt has already evidences against him and they know that Altaf hussain is involved in genecide took place in 1988 and 1992, in Khajee ground and Lines Area in karachi, they know everything, but waiting for the right to create social war in Pakistan, and now time is coming…. and be ready for that now we will have same situation like in Libya.


  • Nadeem Ahmad
    Jun 5, 2014 - 10:03AM

    I am a Punjabi and currently a citizen of Us. I have tremendous regard for the Urdu speaking people Living any where they want to live. My late father Dr.Dilawar Hussainwas principle of MAO college Amritsar. He played Test cricket for India and came to Lahore with his family for his family’s security. My mother was born and raised in old Delhi, a place called Pull Ban gash.My parents never called themselves as Muhajirs, even they had every right to be called. Urdu speaking people migrated to Pakistan almost seventy years ago. They need to move away from the status qua and help building a strong Pakistan. We fully acknowledge their contribution to Pakistan. They gave us Hanif Muhammad, Shamim Ara, Nasir Kazmi, Habeeb Jalib, Musroor Anwar and Musheer Kazmi.

    The so called Muhajirs are supporting Altaf Hussain out of fear. He is using Gestapo like tactics to get votes and extort money from his own people. I think he is not stable and he has put on lot of weight because of his hard drinking. Kind of Dean Martin, Hitler and Charles Manson rolled into one.. Wake up people, vote Imran Khan, and I honestly believe that he would protect the Urdu speaking people more than any other politicia. If I may add Punjabis have loved the Urdu speaking people and Urdu. Look at Dr Iqbal, Hafeez Jallundry
    anf Faiz Ahmad Faiz. I would also add Sahir Ludhianvi from across the border.


  • Aschraful Makhlooq
    Jun 5, 2014 - 10:22AM

    If interrogation depends upon Altaf Hussain’s health then do the British police consider/imagine that Altaf Hussain will show himself healthy and fit for giving statements regarding money laundering case has been filed against him?Methinks even I am sure never…


  • J Ul Haq
    Jun 6, 2014 - 1:06AM

    May Allah keep Altaf Hussain safe and may all the charges against him prove to be wrong. Ameen.


  • John
    Jun 6, 2014 - 6:55AM

    @J Ul Haq:
    And what if the charges prove to be right?I mean,i understand things work differently for a cult leader but i would like to know,what difference would it make?


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