Gujarat-gate: ‘Modi gave land to cronies at throwaway prices’

Accuses the BJP leader of having no plan.

News Desk April 26, 2014
BJP's prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. PHOTO: AFP

In a rare return to the campaign trail, Priyanka Gandhi on Friday lashed at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) frontrunner Narendra Modi, accusing him of giving state-owned land at throwaway prices to close friends in Gujarat, Times of India reported.

Tearing into the Gujarat model of development in which “thousands of acres” of land has been given to “friends” of chief minister Narendra Modi at “throwaway prices” Priyanka accused the BJP of treating the country as a “classroom”.

Campaigning for her mother, Congress president, Sonia Gandhi, she also took a swipe at the BJP leader for his ‘ABCD’ and ‘RSVP’ jibes and said he should instead tell people what he planned to do for them.

Priyanka said that people possess an unmatched understanding and they knew about Modi’s Gujarat model of development “where you (Modi) gave thousands of acres of land to your friends.”

Modi should tell people what is the situation of farmers and workers under his model or what had he done for women, she said.

Priyanka said any leader whether from her own party or from any other should speak about what they would do for the people.

She said Congress ideology had always respected the country’s unity and tradition of generosity.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 26th, 2014.


bmniac | 7 years ago | Reply

Realist The daia bandied about in India including by Dreze and Sen are irresponsible. I hold no brief for Modi. But I have been working on development indicators as well as policy for over 3 decades. Unlike Karnataka ot TamilNadu and Kerala which have less tan 2 % tribal population Gujarat has about 15%. It is extremely difficult to bring them up in terms of social/econ indicators You will the same thing in states with a large tribal population. The North East has tribals' but they gt a lot of extra resources. Moreover most portions of Rajasthan had originally been Kingdoms(often not well governed(eg Travancore-Cochin) and were truly backward when Gujarat was formed). But there could be something that Modi has done to get reelected by his people with no complaints of electoral violence or bootrigging/capturing!

Gp65 | 7 years ago | Reply

@Guggunath Rajasthani: Untouchability is outlawed in India, the Dalits are so called because of what they had to suffer intje past. Today they are beneficiaries of affirmative action in education and government jobs.

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