202 women murdered in the name of honour in Sindh last year

Twenty-eight women have already been murdered in the name of honour in 2014.

Peer Muhammad April 21, 2014
Twenty-eight women have already been murdered in the name of honour in current year. PHOTO: FILE

ISLAMABAD: In 2013, as many as 202 women were murdered in the name of Karo-kari (honour killing) in Sindh, Special Home Secretary Sindh informed the Senate Functional Committee on Human Rights on Monday.

The secretary also stated that at least 28 honour killing cases have been reported in 2014 thus far.

He added that the incidence of honour killing in interior Sindh is continuously rising because of the jirga system that exists in all districts of the rural parts of the province.

“The weakness of the legal system and the encouragement of the jirga system in rural areas are both responsible for the rise in the murder of women in the name of honour,” the secretary informed.

He assured that to prevent violence against women, special cells were functioning in all districts of Sindh, encouraging civil society to join the cells and report such cases.

He said that to create awareness, special seminars about the issue are also organised from time to time for the general public.

The Senate Functional Committee on Human Rights Chairperson Senator Afrasiab Khattak expressed serious concerns about the rising number of women killed in the name of honour.

He directed the provincial government to take effective steps to discourage the act.


Imran | 9 years ago | Reply

and what about statistics in Punjab ??

Souriya Sakin Alaska USA | 9 years ago | Reply

@Mirza - This is yet another ignominious record for not just Sindh but for Pakistan.- this is another ignoramus statement what difference does it make what part of Pakistan or what province we always need to play the blame game so our Pakistani conscious or there lack of can blame it on stubborn and defensive attitude and ancient traditions? . No one can o split the country into good and not so good areas we can easily question as why the people allow this horrendous act to continue in their presence?

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