YouTube celebrates 1 billion subscriptions

Published: October 29, 2010
YouTube celebrates 1 billionth click on subscribe button.

YouTube celebrates 1 billionth click on subscribe button.

The popular video sharing website YouTube is celebrating 1 billion subscriptions to various channels by viewers.

Every YouTube user has a channel where they can display their uploaded and favorite or ‘liked’ videos.

The subscribe feature was introduced in 2006 to make it easier for users to follow their favorite channel’s activity by subscribing to them

The feature is important for media companies because it ensures that their latest videos will go to their subscribers inboxes or YouTube homepages as soon as they are published.

The Google-owned website shared that the channel MachinimaSports was the lucky page that got the 1 billionth click on the subscribe button.

YouTube, in a blog post, said that subscription activity on its website is generating one billion notification emails every week and that fifteen YouTbe channels have crossed the one million subscriber mark.

If you still don’t know what subscriptions are all about, then watch this video that YouTube has made to introduce players to the subscription feature.

Yesterday, YouTube also announced that Promoted Videos, a feature that was made to allow advertisers to reach wider audiences, has reached half a billion views. Promoted Videos allow advertisers to more easily set up and manage their advertising campaigns.

The website shared that they have seen a six-fold increase this year in the number of times that viewers click to watch a promoted video. Many video ads have also reached over a million video views, the site added.

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