'India is obsessed with blaming ISI'

FO spokesperson slams Indian policies as it seeks details of probe into the Samjhota Express bombings.

Express October 28, 2010


Pakistan has slammed double standards in the Indian government's policies, as it seeks details of the probe into the Samjhota Express bombings.

During the weekly Foreign Office briefing in Islamabad, spokesperson Abdul Basit said India is obsessed with blaming Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence for any untoward incident.

He also said India should formally inform Pakistan regarding the Samjhota Express probe.

Some 68 people, mostly Pakistani nationals, were killed when bombs were set off in two coaches of the cross-country Samjhauta Express train, running between Delhi and Lahore, around midnight on February 18, 2007 at Diwana near Panipat, 80 kilometres north of Delhi.

The case was being handled by Harayana Police which had failed to make any headway after its probe led to a tailor at Indore who had prepared the cover for the suitcase in which the bombs were planted.

With no breakthrough in the over three-year-old Samjautha Express blast case, the Indian government has decided to hand over its probe to the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to unravel the conspiracy.


Anoop | 12 years ago | Reply The difference is this. Pakistan had no idea that Indians were behind the Samjhota Blasts until Indians themselves solved the case and put the culprits behind bars. India did not wait for Pakistan to send dossiers after dossiers and did not reject any of the evidence it came across. Pakistan was so cynical that it never thought that an Indian could be behind it, with all the terror groups running wild in Pakistan this is understandable. Consider the response from Pakistani side for Mumbai attacks. They dismissed outright any Pakistani hand and rejected all dossier evidence calling them just "information". The guy who leads the group reponsible for Mumbai Blasts is free and making speeches. Contrast this with the group's(The group which plotted the Samjhota Blasts) head who is in Jail right now and has no chance of getting out anywhere soon.
Ashutosh | 12 years ago | Reply The samjhauta express explosion took place within Indian Territory. The act was committed in India and probably by India based extremist group. Some of the accused are in custody (not house arrest but proper jail with almost no liberty) and investigations are still on. Since the provincial police did not make any progress so the Government had handed over the case to the NIA. This shows government's seriousness in dealing with such incidents. The establishments in Pakistan not only protect these terrorists but laugh at, in no less that the NA of Pakistan, at the leads provided by India. These leads, in the form of dossiers, are meant for investigated and evidences to be discovered and corroborated to prove the guilt or otherwise. ISI is totally wrong in saying that the Indian investigators have double standards. India has no interest in propagating terror & crimes or terrorists & criminals.
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