Militants behead 'fake' Taliban

Militants beheaded 3 impersonators for "defaming" the Taliban.

Afp October 28, 2010

KHAR: Militants beheaded three "common criminals" allegedly masquerading as Taliban while stealing and kidnapping for ransom, a local official and residents said.

The trio was captured two days ago and their bodies dumped in fields in the Yaka Ghaound district of Mohmand, one of the seven districts in Pakistan's lawless tribal belt on the Afghan border, said local administrator Mairaj Khan.

Residents said a note was found near the bodies, identifying them as criminals "defaming" the Taliban. "They were involved in various crimes, including theft and kidnapping for ransom, posing as Taliban. We killed them so others may learn a lesson from this," the note said.

A man who identified himself as a local Taliban spokesman said the trio had masqueraded as Taliban. "They were defaming our organisation," said the man who called himself Sajjad Mohmand.

The Taliban have been blamed for many of the deadliest bomb attacks hitting Western targets, Pakistani security forces and civilians across Pakistan over the past three years. The militia is fighting an insurgency against the Pakistani military concentrated in the tribal belt and other parts of the northwest.

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Talha Ahmed | 9 years ago | Reply | Recommend @Nina: AGREED!
nina | 9 years ago | Reply | Recommend @Talha Ahmed @Hussain Agree with your comments, most Pakistanis are brainewashed thinking their own Muslim brothers are the real terrorists! Please keep in mind all the atrocities committed by the US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, they have broken all international laws and conventions while pursuing their imperialistic goals. At least the real Taliban do not have armies in European countries or America killing the innocent civilians. There is the real Taliban and the fake. The fakes have the support of foreign masters who pay them great sums of money. Then there is the true Taliban who want foreign occupation of their land to end. If the true Taliban were so bad, then why under their rule in Afganistan the production of opium was almost wiped out, and why did people feel much safer then? Also why did British journalist Yvonne Ridley who was held hostage by the Taliban for a few days convert to Islam upon her release and understood who the true Taliban were. All the suicide bombings, killings etc etc are works of the "fake" Taliban who are paid by foreign masters to fulfill their agendas.
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