Suits Style supremacy

Suits may come across as being smug; but the slickness of the characters, makes us want to work at Pearson Hardman.

March 10, 2014
The suave Gabriel Macht.

Their legal minds make the lawyers of Pearson Hardman the best in the business, but it’s their winning wardrobes that make them the sharpest team on television. It’s our dream to attain their kind of style supremacy.

This show has become hugely influential in the real world, with fans emulating the skinny ties of Mike Ross, the power pinstripes of Harvey Specter and the pencil skirts of Rachel Zane. Suits could have come across as being smug; but the slickness of the show and its characters, makes us want to work at Pearson Hardman.

Gabriel Macht who plays Harvey Specter

People respond to how you’re dressed, so like it or not, this is what you have to do [dress well]

Gina Torres who plays Jessica Pearson

Really, if we have an impact on how people are dressing, we have done our job,”

Patrick J. Adams who plays Mike Ross

It’s how your posture changes when you have to wear a suit every day. You go into a room and switch it on just being in those clothes alone. It’s like putting on a suit of armour and doing battle

Meghan Markle who plays Rachel Zane

To be honest, I’ve been coveting a few things. Rachel has this beautiful Yves St. Laurent purse in this aubergine colour and quite a bit of Burberry and Gucci and a couple of coats that I love. I like to borrow from Rachel’s closet for a great night out, and then I give it right back. It’s kind of funny; because I get asked all the time what kind of paralegal can afford a Tom Ford skirt

Sarah Zafferty who plays Donna Paulson

She doesn’t need to dress up like a lawyer, she doesn’t need to dress up for court, she doesn’t need that kind of a thing. She isn’t some woman trying to fit into a man’s world, she gets to dress in a fun way. She is fun, feminine and confident

Costume designer Jolie Andreatta

Suits are like medieval suits of armour. [They] tell us who the person is, what kind of background they [come from], what kind of status they have

Published in The Express Tribune, March 11th, 2014.

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