Musharraf treason hearing postponed after judges say court not safe

Judges not taking part in legal proceedings after a district court in Islamabad came under attack.

Web Desk March 04, 2014
Express News screengrab.

ISLAMABAD: The three-member bench of the special court was a no-show for the hearing of the treason case against former president Pervez Musharraf, stating that the court was not secure, Express News reported on Tuesday.

Referring to yesterday's attack inside a district court in Islamabad, the judges told the registrar that the special court was also located in the same city and was not safe, therefore they would not appear in court today.

Due to the absence of the judges, the hearing was postponed to March 5.

Speaking to the media, Musharraf's advocate Ahmed Raza Kasuri said that the local bar in Islamabad has boycotted all legal proceedings in the city for a week. He stated that Musharraf's legal team will respect that boycott.

Kasuri further said that when Musharraf missed court hearings due to his concerns regarding security, he was made fun of but yesterday's attack was an example of the lack of security they were talking about.

On March 4, two suicide bombers and their armed accomplices attacked the district court in Islamabad, killing 11 people, including an additional sessions judge, and injuring over two dozen others.

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Ali | 6 years ago | Reply | Recommend

The Government should be clever enough and let go off this bogus case and guide Pakistan on the road to safety, prosperity and development. Musharraf did nothing but good for Pakistan and Nawaz Shareef should end this personal vengeance now.

Zeeshan | 6 years ago | Reply | Recommend

The fact of the matter is that with each passing day Musharraf is approaching closer to his logical end. The foremost points that the Law is taking it’s own course without external dictates. First the Musharraf’s lawyer tried to implicate the entire Army command but he failed to incite subversion from the prestigious institution. Then he kept clamoring, with his loud voice, for help from the West/Saudi but failed. He tried to scandalize the judiciary but failed once again. The maximum that Musharraf can do is to keep hiding in the hospital at Taxoayers expense. At last, he has no choice but to bow down in front of the rule of law because the doctrine of necessity is buried forever.

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