Nawaz condemns politics of violence

Express April 14, 2010

HAZARA: PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif has said people who have lost politically are now playing the politics of violence.

The PML-N chief was in Hazara Division to diffuse tensions, which arose over the renaming of the NWFP. Nawaz also said that politics of violence should be shunned and all those inciting violence in Hazara Division should be punished.

Nawaz said the PML-N had warned the government not to present the 18th amendment in parliament before consensus over all issues.

He was accompanied by Opposition leader Chaudhry Nisaar, Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif and PML-N Information Secretary Ahsan Iqbal.


Sadia Hussain | 12 years ago | Reply Violence is the order of the day in Pakistan, we have sick men who burn and throw acids on their spouses, domestic violence is treated as “home affair”, fist fights on the streets are a common norm and extremism is rampant our society from religious leaders to student activists indulge in violent practices. Such intolerance must be addressed if we are sincere in eradicating extremism from our society.
Zafar | 12 years ago | Reply Pakistan is the only country in the world with 4 provinces with 180 million population. The need of creating more provinces is vital. That is the only way to address the issues of ethnicity, blackmailing on part of non productive leaders, local & international terrorism, and international conspiracies. Pakistan has the lowest number of provinces when comparing with rest of the world. Creation of 35+ provinces is better than destabilizing and initiating a break-up of Pakistan. Please look at Turkey and Iran with 81 & 30 provinces respectively. Here is small data of various parts of the world. Country Population Provinces GDP 2009 Pakistan 180 million 4 $448 Billion Turkey 76 million 81 $907 Billion Iran 66 million 30 $842 Billion Japan 127 million 47 $4.3 Trillion Indonesia 240 million 32 $916 Billion Algeria 34 million 48 $236 Billion India 1.2 Billion 35 $3.2 Trillion Kenya 41 million 26 $62 Billion France 64 million 26 $2.1 Trillion Italy 58 million 20 $1.8 Trillion Hungry 10 million 33 $206 Billion Mexico 111 million 31 $1.6 Trillion Argentina 41 Million 31 $576 Billion Russia 140 million 83 $2.2 Trillion USA 290 million 50 $14.3 Trillion China 1.3 Billion 31 $7.8 Trillion Recommendations: 1: Each division be a province. Let people select the name by referendum. 2: Let policing and development be done at Tehsil level. 3: Commsioner's budget is enough for local elected governor. 4: Abolish the posts of CMs and ministers. Lot of money will be saved which can go for Small Business Development. 5: Let local elected administrators run the development show. 6: Judicial system is already there. May need few changes. 7: Cont....for more brainstorming. Creating more provinces will attract investments and economic development situation will improve by decentralization process. This system has been very successful and effective. Pakistanis need a change for their betterment. Zafar Bokhari
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