Begum Nawazish Ali to sort out matters with Shiv Sena

The TV personality is set to have a few words with Shiv Sena, who are targeting him for featuring in "Bigg Boss 4".

Ians October 25, 2010

NEW DEHLI: Ali Saleem, better known as Begum Nawazish Ali, fails to understand why the Indian political party Shiv Sena was targeting him and fellow Pakistani Veena Malik for featuring in “Bigg Boss 4”.

“I just fail to understand why Shiv Sena did what they did. It came as a surprise because we (Saleem and Veena Malik) came here as guests. We were invited and the least we expected was hospitality from the Indians,” said Saleem, who was evicted from the Bigg Boss house in the episode aired on Friday.

The Shiv Sena earlier held protests at Lonavala, a hill station near Mumbai, where shooting for the reality show was on, demanding the removal of Saleem and Malik from the show on Colors channel.

“I really respect Bal Thackeray-ji and though I don’t know what the reason is but I would really want him to invite me for a cup of tea and sort out the matter in a mature manner. I just want to let him know that I’m not a threat to India,” he added.

Saleem, a cross-dresser, says the Bigg Boss house was a platform to test his patience.

“I’m happy to be back in the real world. The experience in the house was par excellence. Nobody can imagine the life that one has to live, the show is shear reality; an unpredictable platform for the contestants and also for the viewers.

“It’s a hard life inside those four walls. I have never lived under such restricted circumstances. In my world, I have been a ‘spoilt begum’. I have spent three very peaceful weeks in the house which has left pleasing memories but I feared that if I would have stayed a little longer I would have burst out because I was reaching my saturation point,” said Saleem.

So, who is playing dirty politics in the house?

“If I have to name, it will be Sameer Soni, Manoj Tiwari and Shweta Tiwari. These are the three contenders who are trying to dirty the atmosphere. However, their politics  have still not been harmful for any of the housemates,” he said

Saleem also revealed he is in awe of former dacoit and contestant Seema Parihar.

“I’m fond of her. Seema-ji is one of the most honest and crystal clear characters on the show. She is upfront and is not at all ‘dhongi’ (pretentious). She is my first favourite in the house. And she also has a strong chance of winning the big race.

“To add to the list, the latest entry of ‘The Great Khali’ has been refreshing for the contestants. And I think he will have a strong hold on the audiences’ mind,” he said.

“Bigg Boss 4” is being  shot at a house in Lonavala,  and began on October 3 with 13 contestants in a house without any communication with the outside world. The contestants are under constant camera surveillance. Ten contestants now remain on the show after three weeks.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 26th, 2010.

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Anoop | 9 years ago | Reply | Recommend @Amna, "Who told you I watch Indian TV???" Ofcourse you dont! How wrong was I. You didnt have to ask "An old Indian buddy" about it, you could have switched on the TV and seen it yourself or ask someone of the many Pakistani housewives who watch Indian TV about it. "They don’t invite them in for nothing, they have their own self-interests…we are talented and we are badly wanted for that!!! Thanks for appreciating our talent! " --> Every Industry in the world does things for profit. Film making and TV are no different. I meant to compliment the talent available in Pakistan. The percentage of artists in a country is same same all over the world. The local culture has to evolve and provide a platform for them to earn a living off of it. "However, our talent has many other platforms and they are already well known celebrities even before they step into your TV or movie industry." --> Celebrities in Pakistan maybe. They cant even dream of making as much money in Pakistan as they can in a single stint as in India. That is the real reason they come here, amidst all the abuse from inside and outside Pakistan. Artists too have a shelf life and they can achieve all they can in India, not Pakistan. Doing a low paying jobs in Pakistan is nothing compared to the way India treats its artists. That is the reason India is the cultural juggernaut it is. No complaints here. Hollywood too gets some of its best talent from outside(Nicole KIdman, Jackie Chan,etc) but nobody calls their movies Australian or Chinese do they. Those movies will always be American Movies. Similarly with India. Though India doesn't need Pakistani artists for its industry it'll certainly add another flavour and increase its value. Also, if a Sri Lankan or a Nepali can come and act and sing in our movies why cant Pakistanis? We should not ban artists from any country. Pakistan is just another country. Infact, we should encourage those artists into settling in India. We should make sure the money they earn stays in India. Pakistani artists are so easy to persuade, actually. Look at that Ali Zafar guy. He wants to make Mumbai home after doing just one movie! Lol..
Amna Tariq Shah | 9 years ago | Reply | Recommend @Anoop Who told you I watch Indian TV??? I wonder if we even get them in Pakistan or not. At least I haven't ever seen one in my life. An old Indian buddy told me about the BIG BROTHER Show on Indian TV so all I know about it is through her. It is true that India produces movies and TV shows where Pakistanis are invited to work but this is also true that our talent helps them boost their profits. They don't invite them in for nothing, they have their own self-interests...we are talented and we are badly wanted for that!!! Thanks for appreciating our talent! However, our talent has many other platforms and they are already well known celebrities even before they step into your TV or movie industry.
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