Thumbs up: Pakistan meets criteria for CERN

The membership will open doors for more opportunities for the Pakistani scientists.

Web Desk February 13, 2014
The membership will open opportunities for the locals to learn from the developed world. PHOTO: REUTERS

ISLAMABAD: European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) Director Scientific Research Sergio Bertolucci said on Thursday that Pakistan fits the criteria to become an associate member of the organisation in a press conference in Islamabad, Radio Pakistan reported

Bertolucci lauded Pakistani engineers and scientists and said that "Pakistan has a first class pool of scientists and engineers, a requirement to become an associate member of CERN."

He added that Pakistan and CERN are working in close collaboration from quite some time and the work from Pakistan’s industries is favourable.

Also present at the occasion Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) Chairman Dr Ansar Parvez said that the membership will open opportunities for the locals to learn from the developed world.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, on February 11, had told a four member CERN delegation that Pakistan is hoping for associate membership of the European organisation.


Dr. NCP | 8 years ago | Reply

Keep hearing here as Pakistan is going to have a biggest achievement of her life. I think people are just congratulating each other just for the sake of congratulations...... First every conutry who is collaborator to CERN in any capacity is eligible to become "ASSOCIATE MEMBER" of CERN. Remember there is difference to be a "Member (ONLY European Union countries are members except Israel)". Associate members have no authority what so ever and there nothing one can gain extra as associate member than what you can have as a collaborator (of the CERN projects). To be part of of CERN as an ASSOCIATE MEMBER, the country has to pay 2-3% of their GDP as annual associate member ship fee. Only one person from Pakistan is spreading this kind roumer as this is a going to be big thing. Actually by spreading news like this to ignorant nation he is trying to get his personal benefits nothing else (probably this is all for this person's survival since he failed to achieve anything other than what PAEC had already committed before even this person joined the CERN collabration project for Pakistan). When people have no plan or program they spread this kind of roumers to make fool of people and get their personal benefits to survive. No one will pay 2-3% of GDP of Pakistan (a country which has several other important issues than CERN).

As far as India is concerned, India has been offered this several years ago and they made a smart move of not to join as ASSOCIATE MEMBER and waste 2-3% of their GDP as annual fee for nothing. Rather they asked CERN, they will prefer to join as a "MEMBER" So please, If some one has doubts go and read the CERN rules and even can ask this directly from the CERN officials.

zakaria virk | 8 years ago | Reply

When Pakistan's Nobel prize winner, and father of scientific institutions and educational policies Dr Abdus Salam was a professor at Imperial College in 1957, Peter Higgs was his second student working under him as post doctoral fellow. Whatever cost for Pakistan to become a CERN associate member it is worth it. Look at how money is spent on defence. It is an honor for Pakistan. I know of one Pakistani lady scientist who is working at CERN and took part in the discovery of the Higgs boson. It should not be called God particle, that was a marketing strategy to sell books.

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