Fix electoral process to save Pakistan: Imran Khan

PTI head says current political setup favours corrupt and allows them a place in the assemblies.

Ferya Ilyas February 11, 2014
A screengrab showing Imran Khan during his press conference.

ISLAMABAD: The first step towards saving Pakistan has to be fixing the country’s electoral process, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairperson Imran Khan said on Tuesday.

Imran was talking to the media outside the Supreme Court, where he stressed that the current political setup favours the corrupt and allows them a place in the assemblies.

Speaking about the alleged rigging in the last year’s general election, Imran said it was important to bring wrongdoers to book to ensure the crime ends.

Commenting over the delay in investigation of rigging claims, Imran said he was not disappointed by the Supreme Court but was upset with former chief justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry as he failed to get the results of just four constituencies verified.

“If voting in those four constituencies were checked in timely manner, things would have been clearer as how massive was the rigging in May 11 elections,” he said.

Imran also warned that his party will go out in the streets if justice was not served.


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JustCause | 7 years ago | Reply

I am shocked at the shear ignorance of previous users.Terrorism,nepotism,corrupting is part and parcel of this country.Fixing electoral process is the first step.It is extremely important initiative and will make sure people elect their rightful representatives.All this rigging and illegitimate appointments marks the first step in country's demise.An honest representative if elected tries his best to improve the life of people in his constituency.All these politicians are illiterate ,impotent and cannot run this country.They are just interested in filling their pockets .They dont care whatsoever what happens to this country or its citizens.Take PM house and its kharchas for example.A single 8 marla house is enough to house 1 p.m if he wishes so but they consider them as royalty.SO in short we need an overhauled computerized electoral process which will ensure people choice is sanctioned and get rid of this dilemma.All pml-n supporters i dare you.After a family member is appointed to head nadra PM-N wil try its best to sabotage improving electoral process and will likely succeed.We the nation is holding this country back and i feel ashamed to be a part of this disgraced nation.

the Skunk | 7 years ago | Reply

Imran is right. The electoral process is completely disfigured and farcical. It needs a systemic overhaul ASAP. Salams

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