At least 1,623 militants killed in US drone strikes: Report

Since 2004, 370 drone strikes have taken place in Pakistan according to US think tank.

Saqib Nasir January 13, 2014
A photo of a drone firing a missile. PHOTO: AFP

KARACHI: According to 'Drone Wars Pakistan: Analysis,'  a report by the think tank New America Foundation, 370 US drone strikes have occurred in Pakistan since 2004 with the latest strike on December 25.

The report also gives a breakdown of the number casualties of the drone strikes. The year in which the most number of people who were killed in the strikes is 2010 as seen in the graph below. There is a downward trend of the drone strikes since 2010.

The total number of people who were killed in these strikes is between 2,080-3,428 people. Of these, 1,623-2,787 are reportedly militants and 258 - 307 civilians.

[infogram url="//" height="710"]

The pie chart below shows the number of drone strikes with regards to the location. The highest number of drone strikes occurred in North Waziristan (267 out of the 370)

[infogram url="//" height="531"]

It can also be seen that there were fewer drone strikes during former US president George W Bush's terms as compared to during the current administration of President Barack Obama in the graph below.

The highest number of drone strikes (122) occurred in 2010. Since then, the frequency of strikes has decreased and the reported number for 2013 is 26.

[infogram url="//" height="677"]


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Why has not Pakistan not done its own independent survey.

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@ZionistControlledUSMedia: What else you know about Hitler ? ever tried to read anything more than 4 pages about him ?

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