Govt to introduce code of ethics for religious harmony: Religious Affairs Minister

Sardar Muhammad Yousuf also says terrorist have no religion.

APP January 04, 2014
Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Sardar Mohammad Yousaf speaking in Multan. PHOTO: PID

ALALPUR: With religious discord seeping in, Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar Muhammad Yousaf on Saturday said that the government was introducing a code of ethics for religious harmony.

Talking to a delegation of religious scholars at Usman bin Affan seminary in Mulstan, he said that terrorists had no religion and were the enemy of humanity.

He emphasised that religious harmony be maintained among all schools of thought and everyone be given due rights under the 1973 Constitution, which guaranteed protection of life for every citizen of the country.

The country has reeled from a fresh wave of ethnic violence and numerous skirmishes with minority religious groups across the country.

In November 2013, a sectarian clash in Rawalpindi left over 10 dead and scores injured and the historic Raja Bazaar in ashes. Sectarian killings throughout the year also fanned flames of sectarian divide.

The year was not kind for Pakistan's religious minorities either. While some Hindus were accused of using pilgrimage permits to India as a way to flee Pakistan, a Christian colony in Lahore was subjected to arson. A Hindu's body was dug up and ejected from a graveyard in Sindh.


Zubair Khan | 9 years ago | Reply

ET you forgot the most affected community the Ahmadiyya.

ahmed41 | 9 years ago | Reply

"------a code of ethics for religious harmony. ----- ?

Sir, a code of ethics is embedded already in the hearts and conscience of every human being. How is that this basic element has evaporated in Pakistan ?

Can a CODE be ever imposed ? It has to come from within. What is the harm in accepting and respecting the other in our midst ?

Suppose a child is born in a Hindu or Sikh or a Christian or a Shia family, does the child have a choice at birth ? It is just a demographic accident. Therefore, it is but common sense that , that child's humanity and social separateness should be respected and acknowledged and allowed to flourish.

As for this : "------ he said that terrorists had no religion and were the enemy of humanity..."

Don't make me laugh !!! We have heard this before . Of course these terrorists have a religion . It is RELIGION which drives them.

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