Drug trade: Rs650 million hashish seized in Sahiwal

Police said the narcotics were being transported to Sukkar and Karachi.

Our Correspondent January 04, 2014
Police said the narcotics were being transported to Sukkar and Karachi. PHOTO: AFP/FILE


The Sahiwal district police on Friday seized narcotics estimated to fetch Rs650 million from a truck in Cheechawatni.

Saddar Station House Officer Hafiz Saeed Ahmed said that the police received a tip about a truck carrying narcotics. He said check posts on the National Highway were directed to check every truck.

He said when the truck carrying the drugs was stopped, the driver told police that it was carrying vegetables and fruits from Peshawar. He said when it was searched, the police discovered that there were boxes of hashish hidden under fruits and vegetables.

Police said the boxes carried 12,000 kilograme of hashish (300 maunds). Its value on the street was estimated at Rs650 million.

Sahiwal District Police Officer Khurram Ali Shah said initial investigations suggested that the narcotics were being transported to Sukkar and Karachi.

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The driver and his two helpers were arrested. Two of them were identified as Naeem Ahmed and Akhtar Ali, both residents of Bahawalnagar.

The district police officer said that police teams had been dispatched to Peshawar, Sukkhar and Karachi for further investigation to identify the dealers.

He said the police were optimistic about unearthing a huge circle of narcotics trade and dealers.

Published in The Express Tribune, January 4th, 2014. 


Ali S | 9 years ago | Reply


Hashish/marijuana itself is not very harmful for consumption (less so than cigarettes, in fact), but the people involved in its cultivation / trafficking are also heavily involved in the manufacturing and trafficking of drugs like heroin and opium. Even Mexican drug cartels derive a massive chunk of their funding from cannabis. So yes, busting such a huge amount of hashish is a good thing if it leads back to these people (more likely though, the police officers will cut out a fat chunk of the profits for themselves in exchange for letting them go).

M | 9 years ago | Reply @Stranger Kindly do some research. Cannabis is helpful in many ways. It is not heroine or cocaine. Also, Pakistan produces some of the finest quality hashish in the world. Other than for lungs (hash smoke or even cigarette smoke is not good for chronic users), how are these damaging??
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