Celebrities who broke our hearts by going off the market in 2013

Published: December 29, 2013
Juggun Kazim (top Left), Atif Aslam (top Right), Wasim Akram (bottom Left) and Hira Tareen (bottom Right). PHOTO: FILE

Juggun Kazim (top Left), Atif Aslam (top Right), Wasim Akram (bottom Left) and Hira Tareen (bottom Right). PHOTO: FILE


Nooooo! [Insert slow motion running] As we bid farewell to 2013, we realise that some of our favourite celebrities got married or engaged this year. These leading ladies and gentlemen have not only earned their spurs in the industry, but also formed a special place in our hearts. They are witty. They are fabulous. They are taken. [Sigh!] So, as much as we wish them well for their relationships, when they said ‘I do’, we boohooed!

We talked to a few of these heartthrobs to find out about their relationships and what advice they can give to all the suitors out there.

Juggun Kazim

Model-actor Juggun Kazim is a beauty with brains indeed. With a fiery persona and girl next door looks, she has reigned over our hearts since she stepped foot in the entertainment industry. She tied the knot with lawyer Feisal H Naqvi and they’re totally smitten! Juggan tells The Express Tribune how Feisal popped the question: “While watching a movie, he turned to me and said, ‘Would it be a deal-breaker if we got married?’ I think that’s the oddest proposal I had heard. I laughed and then we talked about it seriously.” Describing her marriage as a “dream come true,” she shares with us how special Feisal is. “I love waking up next to him,” says Juggun. Now, isn’t that sweet? We just might forgive you for breaking our heart, J.

Juggan’s word of advice for marriage hopefuls: “Marriage is not like the movies or what we read in romance novels. It’s about respect, honesty and hard work. So, choose your partner wisely and remember that mutual respect is key to the success of any relationship.” Hear, hear!

Mehreen Syed

Sob, sob, sob. Model Mehreen Syed married Ahmed Humayun Sheikh this year. Her raving success as a model and perfect marriage attest to the fact that a girl really can have it all. She had the ultimate white-themed wedding and looked oh-so-stunning in a white lehenga. “Life is beautiful,” are her post-marriage sentiments. She may have found bliss in her marriage, but what we find heavenly are her stunning photo stills and walk that sets the runway ablaze. We are big fans, M!

Ainy Jaffri

As the doe-eyed Ainy Jaffri shares with us how Faris Rahman wooed her, she made our hearts melt. Faris surprised her by turning up from London unannounced. His friends took her out on the pretense of meeting someone else and led her up to the pier where Faris was standing with flowers. “He later proposed to me on a yacht with ‘our’ song playing in the background.” How romantic is that! She considers her ESP moments with him, where they realise that they are thinking the same thing, to be the most special part of their relationship. “It’s just really exciting to know we are on the same page a lot of the time.” Her relationship has been a “laughing and loving” experience for her, and she advises those wishing to tie the knot: “Honesty is essential and you should always be yourself.” Here’s to hoping that Faris keeps our favourite girl happy for eternity.

Hira Tareen

Brimming with va-va-voom, model-actor Hira Tareen is one of the ladies who had us sniffing when she got hitched recently. Married to the vivacious VJ Ali Safina, Hira shows us how to strike the perfect balance between professional and personal life. What she recalls as a casual proposal swept her off her feet. “We are best friends as well, so I think we skipped the formalities and jumped to discussing logistics. But then, during the engagement I got my proper ‘down on one knee’ proposal, just for giggles.” We can’t help but awww at this! Hira and Ali had their first dance together during their wedding. “It was pretty magical — the stuff fairytales are made of,” she says. Contrary to popular advice, Hira says that those getting married must act like control freaks. “Get every little thing exactly how you want it. And try to avoid December [as the month to get married], unless you want your wedding to be one of the 50 stops that night.”

Feeha Jamshed

The talented Feeha Jamshed has never failed to surprise us with her uber hip and trendy aesthetic sense. The diva got hitched to Nadir Zia and we were all smiles when she told us how blissful her marriage is. What she describes as a “wholesome” relationship, filled with “companionship and forgiveness,” has added colour to the designer’s life. For us, Feeha epitomises the strength and drive that every woman should pursue her life’s goals with. We wish you and Nadir a happy married life!

Atif Aslam

The singer, who made us his fans pehli nazar main, wedded the beautiful Sara Bharwana this year. Acclaimed for his unique voice from both sides of the border, Atif has never failed to have us moving and grooving to his tunes. What may be a real bummer for his lady fans, Atif is now a married man. We hope that his new journey is full of high notes.

Wasim Akram

We gagged at the way channels broke the news regarding cricket legend Wasim Akram’s wedding (the insufferable, cheesy music in the background and constant reference to Shaniera as our ‘bhabi’), but we were mesmerised by how great a couple he and Shaniera Thompson make. The cricket wonder was ecstatic to have found love again and we are so happy for him! Wedded in a simple ceremony, Wasim has started a new chapter in his life with his gorgeous wife on his arm and two beautiful kids. We truly wish Wasim and his family well.

Published in The Express Tribune, December 29th, 2013.

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