Kidnapping for ransom cases in Karachi break a 10-year-record

There have been a total of 898 cases of kidnapping for ransom over the last 10 years: CPLC.

Saqib Nasir December 27, 2013
A chart on kidnapping for ransom cases from January 1, 2003 to February 28,2013. PHOTO: CPLC

KARACHI: Kidnapping for ransom cases in Karachi have broken a ten-year-record, Express News reported on Friday.

According to the Citizen Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) chief Ahmed Chinoy 166 were kidnapped this year.

To put things in context, the reported number of kidnappings in 2003 was 33.

According to the CPLC website, the total number of kidnapping for ransom cases over the last 10 years is 898.

Since 1990, the first time kidnapping cases exceeded the 100 mark was in 2010.

The month-wise breakdown of the reported cases in 2010 is: 14 in January, February, 4, March, 7, April, 9, May, 7, June, 14, July, 10, August, 16, September, 10 and October 12.


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ishrat salim | 7 years ago | Reply

As long as police dept is politicized....crime rate will never come karachi resembles mob controlled city of Chicago in the 1970s.....but all political parties put their heads together, passed a very strict law that gave full power to FBI ( as police was also under the influence of these mob bosses ), to tap Mob`s bosses telephones, monitor their movements through CCTVs placed at vintage points, took pictures of Mob bosses movement etc;and under the same law made sure that all the records made against each Mob bosses were admissable in the court of law as evidence, so that when they are arrested, they can be Chicago area has been cleared as most of the gangsters have been put behind bars for life and many became state witnesses and pardoned as reward for their cooperation.....all this was possible because there was a genuine political will to bring peace in the city of Chicago.....this is what we need in karachi too....only then peace will return,otherwise goodbye!!

Aysha M | 7 years ago | Reply

Karachi should to be governed by its elected representatives as a city-state, the above graph clearly establishes the need

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