SCBA bans Babar Awan’s entry into bar rooms

SCBA announces banning Awan’s entry into bar rooms and returns the Rs1 million cheque he had given to the association.

Express October 20, 2010

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) on Tuesday announced banning Law Minister Babar Awan’s entry into bar rooms and also returned the Rs1 million cheque he had given to the association on Monday for the welfare of its employees.

SCBA president Qazi Anwar told a press conference that the law minister had given the wrong impression to the legal community about his accepting the cheque. He said Awan tried to divide the lawyers by giving the money, adding that the law minister gave political colour to the courtesy he showed him when he visited his SCBA office on Monday. As a result, he said, his credibility was brought into question. Anwar further announced that Rs40 million pledged by Awan for the SCBA library would also be turned own.

Anwar also accused the media, saying that a section of the press started a character assassination campaign against him for accepting the cheque. The money, he clarified, was merely for the welfare of the SCBA employees for which they had long been waiting.

SCBA’s vice-president Amanullah Kanrani said that by giving the money, Awan tried to divert the lawyers’ attention from the National Reconciliation Ordinance judgment. He said that the SCBA’s stance is that the money in Swiss banks should be returned to the national exchequer but Babar gave the impression that the matter had been resolved.

Kanrani added that through this move, Babar tried to benefit Asma Jahangir in the upcoming Supreme Court Bar elections.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 20th, 2010.

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Basharat | 10 years ago | Reply "Nani nay khasm kia, bura kiya; Kar kay chhora ziada bura kiya” Was new interesting proverb to me!! Anyways, I do agree with many of the points made by Mr. Abdul Fazl.
Abulfazl Mahmud | 10 years ago | Reply "Nani nay khasm kia, bura kiya; Kar kay chhora ziada bura kiya" goes the saying. ScBA was wrong in accepting the money; having accepted it, returning the cheque is worse... Why was Babar Awan invited in the first place if he is such a devil? Why was the cheque returned if it was considered Halal in the first place? SCBA has shown a poor sense of propriety and decorum. Also serves Babar Awan right! Why squander public funds like that? Members of SCBA are not exactly poor orphans. They charge fabulous fees - cant they run their own Association? They should not, if they cannot spare a little money for it. Why should the tax-payer's money be put into pockets of lawyers even if they were not so ungrateful. Has the government paid all the money that is needed for fighting the flood and rehabilitating the displaced persons? Abulfazl Mahmud
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