Six legged, two headed conjoined calves termed 'bad omen'

Local vet terms the birth “absolutely natural,” although he said he had never seen such a birth before.

Web Desk November 06, 2013
Screengrab of the conjoined calves.

With six legs and two heads, the birth of conjoined twin buffalo calves to a landlord in the Shaheenabad areas of Sargodha caused a stir in the locale.

As reported on Express News, large crowds visited the landlord’s property to catch a glimpse of the new arrivals.

Many locals termed the birth a bad omen, and possibly a sign of the “end times.” Still others termed the conjoined calves the by-product of “black magic.”

In contrast, the local vet termed the birth “absolutely natural” although he said he had never seen such a birth before.

The calves were unable to stand without assistance. Given their condition, their owner opted to feed milk to both heads using a baby bottle, rather than relying on the calves’ mother to feed her young.

The landlord initially refused to sell the calves despite numerous offers ranging from Rs30-40,000, but eventually settled on handing them over to an interested party from Islamabad.


I am a Khan | 8 years ago | Reply

@Stranger: @nust: Extremely mean comments. Its probably just because of the innocent animals and the few special humans that this region (South Asia) exists, otherwise this sinful society would long ago have been destroyed at the command of the All Mighty. A society that does not respect its weak and denies mistreatment of the weak, is the worst of all creation.

I am a Khan | 8 years ago | Reply


Extremely Shameful comment of yours! Instead of accepting the mean attitude of Pakistani/Indian society towards special people, you are denying the facts. How many toilets for the special people have you seen in Pakistan? How many special people have you seen in the work place? and if a special person goes out, everyone either looks at him/her like a zoo/circus animal or run away from them as if they have a contagious disease! time to accept the facts and come out of denial! and then we wonder why earth quakes and floods strike this region of callous wicked people! Indeed Allah is merciful even to the sinners, thats why this region of the wicked/heartless folk (SouthAsia) still exists!

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