Muharram security: Section 144 imposed in many parts of Pakistan

Published: November 5, 2013
Security reasons cited as reason behind the restrictions. PHOTO: APP/ FILE

Security reasons cited as reason behind the restrictions. PHOTO: APP/ FILE

As Muharram begins, authorities on Tuesday in three provinces of Pakistan and Gilgit-Baltistan imposed Section 144 of the Criminal Penal Code for the next ten days for security reasons.

Some restrictions for pillion riding was also announced for some days of Muharram


The Punjab government on Tuesday imposed Section 144 CrPC for one month starting from first of Muharram, due to begin on Wednesday.

According to home department, the home secretary had imposed section 144 CrPC to maintain law and order during Muharram throughout the province.

The government has banned brandishing of firearms, distribution of hate material, wall chalking and propagated speeches for the month starting Wednesday.

Any violator of the restriction will be booked under relevant laws.

The law enforcing agencies have also been directed to observe strict imposition of Section 144.

As many as 15,700 police personnel will be deputed to provide security to more than 600 mourning processions and 5,369 congregations in Lahore during Muharram.

Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, while chairing a high level meeting on Tuesday, directed authorities to take all necessary measures for ensuring religious harmony during Muharram.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

The Deputy Commissioner Peshawar also imposed Section 144 in the city on Tuesday for a period of 30 days.

Per the notification issued on Tuesday, the government has prohibited writing or distribution of objectionable pamphlets or posters, wall chalking especially on mosques and Imam Bargahs, use of tinted glasses on private and public vehicles, display of or carrying weapons, printing and or circulation of objectionable materials, sale and use of fire crackers during Muharram.

Further, opening of shops dealing in acids and sale of acids, sale of diesel, petrol, kerosene oil and other flammable fuels in shops or in open areas and the use of loudspeakers other than for “Aazaan and Khutbas” on Friday.

Anyone found violating this order shall be prosecuted against under section 188 PPC.

Similar restrictions were announced in Gilgit Town, Kohat and DI Khan. The measure was also extended to Parachinar.


The government in Sindh, which has been reeling from a spate of sectarian violence on the eve of Muharram with over 20 people killed in two days in the provincial capital of Karachi, has not yet taken a decision on imposing Section 144 in the province.

However, Express News reported that the Sindh government has requested the army to deploy troops on Muharram 9 and 10 in the province for security.

A military spokesperson confirmed that army deployment had been requested as backup to Police and Rangers contingents and will remain deployed in Karachi with further deployment in other parts of Sindh as per requirement.


The Balochistan government has also decided to impose Section 144 in the province on account of Muharram.

Balochistan has seen some of the worst sectarian attacks in recent years with the minority Shia Hazara community coming under repeated gun and bomb attacks, some from the banned militant group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi.

Last week, six miners belonging to the Hazara community were shot dead in Mach.

Waheed Shah, deputy commissioner in Kach district, said that the seven men were on their way back from Mach bazaar when they were attacked by unidentified assailants on a motorcycle.

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Reader Comments (10)

  • Ch. Allah Daad
    Nov 5, 2013 - 8:49PM

    Due to security reasons government must ban all kinds of processions and religious sermons by all sects.


  • Syed A. Mateen
    Nov 5, 2013 - 9:08PM

    It is very alarming that while the month of Moharrram will begin from tomorrow, so many people from different sects have been killed by the terrorists in Karachi.

    Except the province of Sindh, Section 144 has been imposed by the Provincial Governments of Punjab, KPK and Baluchistan but I don’t understand that how Section 144 is going to be enforced in all the three provinces when five or more people will be assembling together on the Imam Bargahs as well as on the roads for Majlises.

    What is lacking from the Provincial Governments orders is that it do not specify as which areas or places are exempted and which not.

    I have never seen such office orders of the Provincial Governments where people will be assembling for bigger gatherings for the purpose of attending the Majlises, whereas, under Section 144 five or more people cannot assemble at one place according to the law.


  • ashish
    Nov 5, 2013 - 9:15PM

    strange country.


  • CommonCitizen
    Nov 5, 2013 - 9:39PM

    @ Ch. Allah Daad

    Due to fear of provoking sentiments of Shia community, Express Tribune must ban you for posting further comments


  • Ch. Allah Daad
    Nov 5, 2013 - 11:43PM

    I have asked to ban processions of all sects. Shias are not a special sect nor its less violent than others. Shias are doing the same in Iraq and Syria what Sunnies are doing in Pakistan and Afghanistan.


  • Jibran
    Nov 5, 2013 - 11:46PM

    @Ch. Allah Daad:
    What a chimp.


  • Jibran
    Nov 5, 2013 - 11:49PM

    Just follow what comes out of the salafist mosques, and you find your miscreants. Not hard to find LeJ sympathizers.


  • ARW
    Nov 5, 2013 - 11:57PM

    @Ch. Allah Daad:
    My friend security fear is everywhere these days whether you to Masjid, Shopping and even schools. DOes it mean you should stop going to all these places? Those who are doing all these (TTP and related banned outfits) they want you to stop going to Masjid if you dont belong to their sect (many examples where Sunni Masjids have been targetted), they want to blast schools as they do not want anyone to get education except for Madressah that even should belong to their sect. I do not understand which sect. of Islam they follow. Ultimatelty the teaching of Islam says Killing of ONE INNOCENT person is actually the killing the WHOLE COMMUNITY!!


  • Jibran
    Nov 6, 2013 - 1:03AM

    @Ch. Allah Daad:
    You are dead wrong. It is the Salafists wreaking havoc everywhere, not Sunnis, not Shias. From Chechnya to Pakistan, from Iraq to Syria, Yemen to Bahrain, Nigeria to Somalia, East or West, Asia or Africa, Europe or America, entire populations are hostage to this one cult.


  • Dj
    Nov 6, 2013 - 1:16AM

    @Ch. Allah Daad: you sound exactly like a N leaguer


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