Nawaz buckled under US pressure: PTI

Nawaz failed to categorically tell President Obama that drone strikes must stop, says Dr Shireen Mazari.

Our Correspondent October 25, 2013
PTI spokeswoman Dr Shireen Mazari. PHOTO: SANA/FILE


Even though the prime minister termed his visit a success, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf insisted it was a failure vis-a-vis Pakistan’s stance on drone strikes.

In a statement, PTI’s Central Information Secretary Dr Shireen Mazari said, “Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif failed to categorically tell President Obama that drone strikes must stop.”

Instead, all the prime minister could muster before US President was to “urge” him to halt these illegal strikes.

She pointed out that the recent Amnesty International Report has pointed to the illegal nature of these strikes. Pakistan’s political parties had given a mandate to the federal government to stop drone strikes, she maintained.

However, neither the previous government nor the incumbent one have acted resolutely to stop these unlawful drone attacks despite their acknowledged illegality and their brazen violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty, the PTI leader lamented.

Mazari added, “Within the country, anti-drone voices have grown and now there is a political consensus against these attacks.”

Yet Nawaz buckled under pressure, she said. “Since Obama has refused to stop drone strikes in Fata, and since the Nawaz government has an APC mandate to stop drone strikes, what is the next step of the federal government?”

Published in The Express Tribune, October 25th, 2013.


Burjor Rustomji | 8 years ago | Reply

PTI wants to make peace with bombers, murderers, kidnappers and the like, because they have a "cause". Why does the PTI not contact those who have suffered, those who have lost their near and dear ones??. If Pakistan cannot fight these people, it would be better to ask for help from outside, than to submit for talks. If Pakistan cannot fight these people, why did Pakistan create them in the first place. What good is the army??? what good is the Airforce??? what good is the Navy??? what good is the Police??? what good is Pakistan for ???. After 66years of existence we are dicussing "Taliban", "drones", terrorism, Sectarianism, what kind of a nation is this???, will we ever progress???.

Common Sense | 8 years ago | Reply

PTI is busy destroying the province they were supposed to govern, and here its spoksperson is busy berating the Prime Minister. Disgusting. At least Nawaz Sharif is not busy destroying the country like Imran Khan is. PTI supporters need to realize that their country comes before personalities and must BEG their so-called leaders like Imran Khan and Shireen Mazari to stop pandering to Islamists and stop confusing the masses with stupid statements like this.

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