Roll-back plan: Nawaz in US to sell off Iran gas deal, says PTI

Javed Hashmi says will not remain silent if national interest was abandoned to comply with the US policies.

Our Correspondent October 24, 2013
PTI President Javed Hashmi. PHOTO: EXPRESS/IRFAN ALI


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the leadership of his brand of Pakistan Muslim League are in the United States to sell Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline, said Pakistan Tehrek-e-Insaf President Javed Hashmi.

“Nawaz Sharif and his clique are seeking a price from the US to roll back the most important solution for our energy crisis,” Hashmi told reporters here.

PTI would not remain silent if national interest was abandoned to comply with the US policies, he said.

He said the US was the biggest cause of the troubles Pakistan was facing today. “We have faced the biggest losses in the war against terror and despite accepting the fact, the US still wants Pakistan to obey orders,” Hashmi said.

He claimed that following American dictates was causing more instability in the region. It was clear that the US would endow its blessings on India once Pakistan has served its purpose in the prolonged war in Afghanistan.

“India will get preference over Pakistan in the US policies for this region and we are going to become part of this agenda seeing the current moves of Nawaz Sharif and his administrations.”

He said PM Nawaz was in Washington to attest his loyalty. “Though Nawaz Sharif would fail to stop drone attacks or secure any benefit for Pakistan, he would definitely assure the US administration that ‘we are more loyal to you than any other power stakeholder in Pakistan,’” Hashmi said.

The PTI president came out openly in support of the Taliban. The US, Pakistan and India should realise that the next government in Afghanistan would be of Taliban and it would be the most stable government of last two decades.

He called for ending the operation against Taliban in Afghanistan and bringing them on negotiation table. All Taliban in Afghanistan want to have best relations with Pakistan among all the countries of the world. “Peace is impossible in Afghanistan without Pakistan and this is the universal truth,” Hashmi said.

Nawaz Sharif is dreaming like Zardari about the love of the people of Pakistan without assessing that worst inflation in Pakistan and hike in the prices of electricity and petroleum products have sown the seeds of hatred in the hearts of the people of Pakistan against them.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 24th, 2013.


Mohsin | 8 years ago | Reply

I think it is Iranians that are sold out or paid off to get rid of the project to get concessions on sanctions that they had already been facing for years, as it is not in Americas or in the favour of west.. Part of the deal.

The Failed Rebel | 8 years ago | Reply

@unbelievable: Great. So we should keep taking in interest-based loans from IMF, increase our deficit, concur helplessly with insane inflation, with our sovereignty vandalized everyday with drones flying throughout Pakistan airspace, poverty growing rampant leading to heinous crimes and corruption. All for the misinformed media-fed statement 'We do not have any other alternatives'.

Shame on you for thinking that your country is worthless like this. Pakistan is a mineral rich, resourceful nation which is deliberately being muffled by international agencies because this nation and this soil has the capacity to break the record of the fastest growing economies. Do you know that the engineering reports from Baluchistan and KP are deliberately falsified, ridiculed and undermined in the media? Ask the army why they are not allowed by their generals to put their engineering core down to Baluchistan sites? It is far less costly that the incessant war in NW.

@Muhammad Saim: Correct it is too expensive. But don't forget our western provinces, we don't need Iran.

@Kaleem: Law and order is downhill there not because of the locals, it is because of the international agencies funding vandalism there.

@csmann: Incorrect. One cannot superimpose statements and give the whole tent to the camel. Opening an office does not mean that they will be allowed to rule. Divide and conquer is the policy.

P. S. I am not a a PTI, Iran-pipeline fan-boy. My people need to know the truth about what media feeds them and what the reality is.

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