Farooq Sattar calls for impartial committee to monitor Karachi operation

Published: October 15, 2013
Flle photo of Farooq Sattar. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

Flle photo of Farooq Sattar. PHOTO: AFP/FILE

KARACHI: Terming the ongoing security operations in Karachi a sham, and alleging that they were politically motivated Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Senator Farooq Sattar said on Tuesday that an independent committee ought to be formed to monitor and oversee a supposedly criminal cleanup of the megalopolis, Express News reported.

Talking to the media, Sattar said that the proposed committee would respond to complaints or take notice of such things as unjustifiable arrests, misbehavior with women or any unconstitutional step taken in the name of a Karachi operation.

Asserting that the Karachi operation was “politically motivated” Sattar said, “MQM is being deliberately targeted and it is only with the passage of time that we will see if the operation was successful or not.”

“The captain of the operation, Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah, can’t be present in all the raids,” he said, adding if the CM knew about what difficulties normal citizens had to go through every time an area was subject to an operation.

The MQM leader asserted that the Karachi operation was a way to keep the party away from participating in politics.

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  • Fareeha Ansar
    Oct 15, 2013 - 7:39PM

    The Rangers and Police are picking up those people who are involved in crimes but not to those who are innocent.

    The arrested persons during the course of interrogations reveals the names of their accomplices and they are also matched with their cell phone calls and conversations as well as the text messages sent in code words to each other.

    It is alleged that MQM is among the top political parties that are involved in heinous crimes so what an independent committee is going to do?

    Even if an independent body is formed and the members of the independent committee are approached by MQM workers, either they have to get the workers released, or otherwise, the members of the independent committee will also be killed.

    What Farooq Sattar will do then?


  • Oct 15, 2013 - 8:05PM

    Justified demand!


  • ashar
    Oct 15, 2013 - 8:32PM

    A preemptive move.Recommend

  • suzo
    Oct 15, 2013 - 8:50PM

    so don’t we have judges or courts there in karachi?? O wait! Even they aren’t allowed to work freely because of some ‘namalum’ thugs! Hope et’ll publish!


  • Sufyan Ali Advocate
    Oct 15, 2013 - 9:09PM

    The preposition that American withdrawal from Afghanistan post 2014 seems to be based on assumptions, as the US is not ready yet to leave the buffer state Afghanistan and the fate of the Afghanis undecided, so far this question is concerned, America will make the use of 10,000 mercenries[blac k water] after the withdrawal of US-led Nato allies for the assistance of Afghan National Army[ANA].

    Two, America wants close surveillance of the Asian region so to contain the growining influence of China[Emerging biggest economy of the World] the situation also demands the same.

    Third, the war on terrorism in the Asian region is not ended so far, and export of ammunition adds billions of dollar revenue to the GDP of America annually, so withdrawal will bring catastroph to already dwindling economy of the America and other allies.

    Fourth: The Afghan National Army[ANA] is not trained enough to handover the responsibility of defense of the poverty stricken, tensions ridden,and the hub of terrorism Afghanistan. As in the past, Najeebollah’s trained forces lasted only for two years after the launching of U$ led operation cyclone of CIA against Soviet with the support of ISI to kick them out[which forced the soviet withdrawal] then how the ANA[trained and armed by Nato] would resist even for two years after US withdrawal.

    Fifth: America wants healthy and productive relations with India[a big economic market for America for the sale of defence instruments] and Central Asians Republics[the oil riched landlocked countries after souring of relations with Iran] so presence of US in this region in the garb of fight against terrorism is indispensable to save the economic shut down.

    The possible effects on the Pakistan after the possible withdrawal of Nato troops:
    One: ANA will surrender within no days which result in establishment of so called an Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan by the Taliban. This will most probably bring demand of Balochistan and K.P alongwith the Fata, leaving Pakistan with Punjab and Sindh only as both the above mentioned provinces[Baloc histan and K.P side by side Fata] are largely resided by pashtuns, turks, uzbuks who can be easily brainwashed by their lingual companions with strong secterian and prochial compaigns organised by their Afghanis counterparts and also threatened by the Taliban.

    Two: The nexus between AfghanTaliban and the conspiratory Indian Raw will bring more devastation in Pakistan through the Porous borders between Pakistan and Afghanistan leaving Pakistan instable and untrustworthy for the foreign investors and tarnishing her image within the comity of nations.

    Three: Dwindling economy will have to suffer more burden of expected armed operations in the North Wazirastan likewise which were launched in 2009 in South Wazirastan and Swat[operation Rah-i- Ra’ast and Rah-i-Nija’at] with myriad civilian casualities as a consequence.

    Four: Taliban Pakistan would attack in a more powerful, self structured, and organised way with the support of Afghan taliban which results in toppling of Islamabad and establishment of Taliban led Shariah throughout Pakistan.

    Peace and tranquility in this region would only be possible if the America continues to support Pakistan[the ally of US in the war against Terrorism] miltarily and economically and also to assist ANA. Pakistan in its turn use the policy of full scale deterence to curb the menace of Terrorism.Recommend

  • PakPower
    Oct 15, 2013 - 9:12PM

    We know you will sabotage the efficacy of this operation by calling in your absconded target-killer peers from South Africa, Dubai or wherever else they are hiding.


  • Gulkhaiz
    Oct 15, 2013 - 10:36PM

    Politicians like Farooq Sattar have made a mockery of the law and want that every activity in Karachi should revolve around MQM, irrespective of whether they are in govt or not. Moreover,they do not have regard for any action which is fruitful and good for the people but collides with their interest. Why should they crib now against the ongoing operation when results have started showing? Actually they should be happy that criminals will be sorted out of their party.
    Further in other countries such operations against criminals are routine and people do not talk about it .It is only the concerned mafia which retaliates .Govt is ootherwise suppose to undertake such cleansing in routine , therefore they should use full might and restore peace.Recommend

  • PakPower
    Oct 15, 2013 - 11:01PM

    @Sufyan Ali Advocate:
    Your comment is sooo out of context that it should be considered spamming. ET mods, where art thou?


  • Mohammad Ali Siddiqui
    Oct 16, 2013 - 12:07AM

    ET, please remove the comments of Sufyan Ali Advocate as this is not relevant to the topic at all.

    Probably he wrote it for some other topic but mistakenly posted here and what to say about moderators of ET, they also overlooked whether it is a relevant topic or not?


  • Muhammad Rafi
    Oct 16, 2013 - 12:53AM

    For the first time in last decades some think positive is happening and now any one from Karachi will talk that’s the sign that he is affective. Since they can’t play dirty politics any more. MQM is good party but unfortunately it’s armed and narrow mind wings stop them to become a reall national party.


  • Oct 16, 2013 - 12:53AM

    whose Mandate is Karachi is between PPP or MQM? Its MQM. Whose Government in PS is? Its PPP. Interior se seatain lkr marogay haha
    How much you hate MQM but you can’t deny karachi operation is politically motivated.


  • S.R.H. Hashmi
    Oct 16, 2013 - 1:24AM

    According a news report (The News, Oct.15) during a telephonic conversation, Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan told MQM parliamentary leader in the National Assembly, Dr, Farooq Sattar that the committee to monitor targeted operation in Karachi would be constituted, adding that he would himself visit Karachi for the same purpose after Eid.

    Strictly speaking if, as was stated while things were being worked out, the objective of the committee was to monitor the operation, it should have been formed at the same time as the operation commenced or, within a day or two at the most and not just be a subject of discussion weeks after the operation started, and even then only in vague terms, with no definite time-frame given. In this age of advanced technology, surely Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan does not have to be physically present in Karachi to get things moving, unless he is thinking of cutting a ribbon or something to herald the start of the committee.

    And in the absence of a neutral monitoring committee, how can people claim authoritatively that the operation is going on in the right manner, which statements we often hear from officials? A letter titled ‘Rangers’ behaviour’ published in Dawn (Oct.15) presents a disturbing picture.



  • amanat ali
    Oct 16, 2013 - 7:43PM

    Due to effective enforcement and enforcement of action by rangers actual culprits are being arrested Farooq Sattar is crying. unnecessarily. In order to make operation more effective Governor Sind should be removed from his post immediately..


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