British Pakistani among 4 arrested in London anti-terror raids

Pakistani arrested from his flat in Peckham, south-east London.

Web Desk October 15, 2013
Men detained suspected of fundraising for terrorist purposes, travelling to Pakistan to undertake terrorist training. PHOTO: REUTERS/FILE

LONDON: Four terror suspects including a British Pakistani were arrested by the police in London raids as part of anti-terror operation, Daily Mail reported.

The 29-year-old British Pakistani Naveed Baluch, a butcher who had recently returned from a visit to his wife in Pakistan, was arrested after police smashed down the door of his local authority flat in Peckham, south-east London, on the evening of October 13.

Officers also searched six addresses across London as part of an operation to simultaneously detain a group of suspected terrorists.  It was feared that an attack similar to the Kenyan mall massacre was being planned on British soil.

The other three suspects were a 28-year-old British Azerbaijani, a 25-year-old British Turkish and a 25-year-old British Algerian.

According to Scotland Yard the detainees were held because of suspicion that they were involved in acts of terrorism and were being interrogated at a south London police station.

'We believe they posed a threat to the public. That doesn't necessarily mean an attack was imminent,' a police source had said.

Baluch’s 30-year-old sister Gulsabah  a saleswoman from Dulwich, had said she was shocked.

She had stated, ‘He plays football every Sunday and supports Chelsea . . . He doesn’t go to the mosque and isn’t even religious so I’m shocked if this is true.’

Eyewitnesses had also emerged as the operation continued.

The Evening Standard had reported the Metropolitan Police was acting on intelligence that the men had access to firearms.


Concerned Indian | 9 years ago | Reply

doesn’t go to the mosque and isn’t even religious so I’m shocked if this is true


reminds me of some one from the bygone era...but if I mention it ET won't publish:-( my comment.

Also surprised to see only one of them is of Pakistani origin.

gp65 | 9 years ago | Reply

@Talha Rizvi: "Take back the millions of illegal Bangladeshis living in our country if you are so honorable"

Really? If a Pakistani happens to speak Bengali that makes him an illegal Bangladeshi? I guess you consider M M Alam as one of those? If India used the same type of bogus logic as you are using, it would have called the 180 million Indian Muslims as illegal Pakistanis. But we do not see it that way. Our Indian Muslims are as Indians as anyone else who practices any other religion or for that matter happens to be an atheist.

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