Fashion Pakistan Council announces big plans for 2013-2014

Published: October 2, 2013
Chairperson Sanam Chaudhri keen on promoting young talent and giving retail brands international exposure. PHOTO: FILE

Chairperson Sanam Chaudhri keen on promoting young talent and giving retail brands international exposure. PHOTO: FILE


When the new members of Fashion Pakistan Council (FPC) were announced last month, the Council emphasised that its focus would be on transparency. On Tuesday afternoon, at the dimly lit Cafe Flo decorated in an elegant white and gold theme, FPC gathered with the press to make a proclamation. An annual calendar was revealed to the public for the first time since the Council’s establishment six years ago.

Calling it a “new chapter in the history of the Council”, Chairperson of FPC, Sanam Chaudhri, admitted that the team was new to the business and they hope their predecessors will mentor and help them. “As a young batch, and with creativity and enthusiasm, we will do all that is best through this forum,” Chaudhri said. She expressed her views on promoting young talent as well, saying their interest lies in supporting the cause of fashion, “in promoting high fashion and value addition of the Pakistani fashion product and completely supporting emerging young designers.”

When asked how the Council plans to promote regional trade, Chaudhri diplomatically said, “We are planning an exhibition on that front and will take it from there.” Someone in the crowd exclaimed that the industry is ruled by the fashion mafia instead of designers. Chaudhri defended the Council saying it’s not a fashion mafia. “We are new talent,” she refuted. “The gurus have been there and they will [always] be there.” She feels that local brands such as Daaman, Sheep and Bonanza, however, need international exposure.

Their first step will be to facilitate the Council’s business via Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry’s (FPCCI) e-commerce mandate and allow it to grow. Maheen Karim — who was earlier given the title of creative director/spokesperson and is now being referred to as the secretary — couldn’t make it to the event as she was unwell.

CEO of FPC Wardha Saleem later chalked down the details of their upcoming events. When asked about the students who are being promoted via this platform, she responded, “We plan to have a Millennium Trunk Show where students from all across Pakistan will be encouraged to showcase their collections,” she said.

Zahir Rahimtoola, member of Advisory Committee of the Council, praised the team’s efforts. “Fashion Pakistan has put the country on the international map of fashion weeks. And with their able leadership in the ‘glamour’ of fashion, we now need to do the ‘business’ of fashion,” said Rahimtoola. “This is currently the best way to grow on e-commerce lines.”

Being in tune with the world of fashion is imperative, explained Rahimtoola. “But before that, we need to have our own house in order,” he said, adding that products need to be marketed too.

New Team

Council members:

Sanam Chaudhri (Chairperson)

Wardha Saleem (CEO)

Maheen Karim (Secretary)

Nauman Arfeen

Mahin Hussain

Saniya Maskatiya

Obaid Sheikh


Calendar of upcoming events:

TDAP show in September 2013

Fashion Day Out in December 2013

FPW6 in February 2014

GENEX in May 2014

FPW7 in September 2014

Helping Hands

Advisory Committee:

Deepak Perwani

Feri Rawanian

Iqbal Telli

Salim Chatoor

Shahnaz Ismail

Shamaeel Ansari

Tapu Javeri

Taymur Paracha

Zahir Rahimtoola

Published in The Express Tribune, October 3rd,  2013.

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