Terrorists should be separated from those ready for peace talks: Imran Khan

PTI Chairman said the attack on All Saints' church needs to be strongly condemned.

Web Desk September 23, 2013
PTI chairman Imran Khan. PHOTO: FILE

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan said on Monday that if peace talks are to be given a chance, the people who are dedicated to an agenda of violence should be separated from those who are willing to call a ceasefire.

Condemning the Sunday attack on All Saints church in Peshawar he said that people who are willing to talk peace within the ambit of the Constitution of Pakistan should be taken in isolation from those who want to carry out terror attacks against innocent people.

Referring to an earlier statement of Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, he said that the interior minister did not confirm which group carried out the attack and added that whoever was responsible for the attack should be condemned.

"Nothing justifies the targeting of innocent people and their places of worship. This is against the spirit of Islam," the statement said.

PTI chairman stated that Sunday's attack was an act of terror against all Pakistanis.

"We condemn it and its perpetrators unequivocally," said Khan.


SK | 9 years ago | Reply


Sorry sir I beg to differ from your comment. Yes IK may have over emphasized the need for peace with Taliban which in itself is no crime. What he failed to realize is Taliban's devious intentions , as the day passes and Taliban's motives become clearer IK would realize the futility of his insistence in a negotiated settlements. IK is the only honest politician at the moment. His integrity and honesty is second to none. So please more use of your ability to think critically and analyze impartially.

Toba Alu | 9 years ago | Reply


You are correct you did not bring religion into the picture. I did and with reason. Everyone has blindspots as I said but they are up for discussion so that we can improve our understanding of the world we live in and the people we live with. But in Pakistan we cannot openly discuss each others blindspots. Consequence these issues are not recognized as such and so no change no improvement in our understanding is possible. That means more blindspots more backwardness. That is why stone age is so often used to describe the situation, more and more blindspots, more and more a fantasy world. Just my view/explanation why things are happening as they happen in Pakistan. State religion is at the core of this problem as it has been for hundreds of years in the west.

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