Church attack: Pakistan to observe 3 days of mourning

Published: September 22, 2013
Lahore: Pakistani Christians protesting against the blast. PHOTO: AFP

Lahore: Pakistani Christians protesting against the blast. PHOTO: AFP

Lahore: Pakistani Christians protesting against the blast. PHOTO: AFP Chaudhry Nisar commended the Christian community on their patience. PHOTO: screenshot from footage of Nisar's address to the media in Peshawar.

PESHAWAR: Federal Minister for Interior Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan announced a nationwide three-day mourning period to share the grief of the Peshawar church blast victims, expressing that the tragedy had left him shocked and speechless.

“I am at a loss of words to condemn this inhuman incident,” said Nisar, while talking to the media in Peshawar. He extended condolences to the bereaved families of the victims.

“I express utmost sorrow on behalf of the Prime Minister and the President, who wished to fly to Peshawar immediately but was advised to postpone his visit for security reasons.”

Flanked by the Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Chief Minister on his right, the Interior Minister told media that the federal government was extending all possible assistance, especially medical services, to the provincial government.

He particularly condemned the deaths of women and children in the blast.

“34 of those who died are women, seven are children. I know of no such religion, no such society and no such law that allows to mete out such treatment to women.”

Nisar stated that the government would scrutinize and reassess the security of Christians as a whole in the country.

“On a federal level, we have decided to review the protection of the Christian community in the country, who are perhaps considered by the terrorists as soft targets.”

“We have decided to chalk out a bigger plan to brush up security preparations for their houses, community areas and churches.”

In response to a question on the success and aftermath of the All Parties Conference, the Nisar chose to respond briefly, saying that the decision to proceed on the ‘path of peace’ was unanimously agreed upon by all political parties. He said the government had clung on to this path despite suffering attacks on its army and citizens, but now all political parties had to sit together and reach a consensus on their next strategy.

Chaudhry Nisar commended the Chrisitian community on grappling with their grief with patience, remarking that there were ‘heroes’ to be proud of even in this tough time.

“The bereaved families here, and especially the bishop of the church, have led themselves through this ordeal with extraordinary and exemplary patience.”

Nisar promised complete renovation of the affected church with the federal government bearing the cost.

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Reader Comments (22)

  • Prasad Babu
    Sep 22, 2013 - 10:09PM

    With the declaration of 3 days mourning, the Pakistani government has done it duty! They must be preparing the statement for the next mourning.


  • goggi (Lahore)
    Sep 22, 2013 - 10:15PM

    The history books and our contemporary society witness unanimously………………killings of innocent heretics(people of another religion) and destruction of their worship houses, was and is an inseparable component of this religion, namely FROM THE VERY FIRST DAY!


  • Lyari
    Sep 22, 2013 - 10:22PM

    Military operation against Taliban!!!!


  • Sep 22, 2013 - 10:39PM

    Bieng a muslim and a human i am really mournful by this happening. We have love for for all humanity, whether they are christians jews or muslims. I dont knwo that who are behind this, because every one who belongs to pakistan and especielly islam condemn this happening. Every one had the right to live irrespstive of their sect and religion and this is the teaching of islam also.Recommend

  • Sunny Aneel
    Sep 22, 2013 - 10:43PM

    Taliban continue to kill our people and Pakistani Govt. just see as a sitting duck, begging for them to dialogue.


  • rohit95723
    Sep 22, 2013 - 10:51PM

    Pakistan need to turn secular on urgent basis.Recommend

  • csmann
    Sep 22, 2013 - 10:59PM

    There will be no consensus for the next strategy ,which is fighting them to the finish,as long as parties like JI,PTI are there.There needs to be the decision for Pakistan and its citizens,not for parties.If you can’t do it,bring Musharraf in .He is in the country,he is for the country.Recommend

  • unbelievable
    Sep 22, 2013 - 10:59PM

    Nice gesture. Time for the President, Parliament, Military and every religious leader of note to condemn this massacre. Time for the people of Pakistan to get off their duffs and demand change.


  • Jibran
    Sep 22, 2013 - 11:01PM

    A crime has happened. Instead of coming up with a complete plan of how to arrest, prosecute, and sentence the perpetrators of this heinous crime, all he could come up with is a three days’ mourning. Ch. Nisar has already proved himself to be the most incompetent Interior Minister of Pakistan’s history, every day just brings a new low for him.


  • Syed A. Mateen
    Sep 22, 2013 - 11:01PM

    A nation is comprises of people who belongs to different faith, cast, creed, religion and believe.

    Apart from being a Muslim, I am a human being and my hearth goes out for each and every person who has died or got injured as first of all they were all Pakistanis and then Christians.

    I have also requested PTI Chief Mr. Imran Khan to request the people who are residing in Peshawar to go out and donate blood to save the lives of Christians, who may be in a need of different blood groups.

    Along with the Government, the entire Pakistani nation is shocked and grief on this tragic and sad incident in which until now 78 people have been killed and more than hundred people are injured.

    This is a national tragedy and each and every person whether living in Pakistan or abroad is in grief and morning the death of their fellow Pakistanis.

    May Al-Mighty God rest their souls in peace. Amen.Recommend

  • bangash
    Sep 22, 2013 - 11:34PM

    Impotent state can only mourn victims they cannot take on terrorists.


  • Strivere
    Sep 22, 2013 - 11:42PM

    We are with you. Our hearts are aching with yours and with those who have lost their loved ones. We need to fight these terrorists; we need to take the fight to those who support them.

    May God keep you and the rest of Pakistanis under His protection

    Pakistan is indebted to you for the contributions to Pakistan.


  • Blunt
    Sep 22, 2013 - 11:43PM

    R.I.P all deceased.


  • amer nadeem
    Sep 22, 2013 - 11:53PM

    no religion or humanity allows this kind of brazen act to kill innocent people including women & children, Govt should revisit its policy to go-to for dialogue, strict action without mercy is needed to curb the terrorism otherwise Pakistan is going to be banana state….


  • Pakistani
    Sep 23, 2013 - 12:12AM

    Deepest condonlences with families and friends of all victims. This is a loss of whole nation, these all 75 people who died in blast are mar·tyred.


  • Dajjal
    Sep 23, 2013 - 12:33AM

    “34 of those who died are women, seven are children. I know of no such religion, no such society and no such law that allows to mete out such treatment to women.”

    Oh Really?? Then, Welcome to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan…. Now you know.


  • Dj
    Sep 23, 2013 - 12:34AM

    Deja vu! Now all we have to is to wait until the next big attack and mourn again for three more days, infact we have been mourning every single day. The Government should save time instead of these three days of mourning announcements every week, just announce a year of mourning and provide everybody with guns so they can kill each other meanwhile the leaders can go vacationing to a country of their choice while the citizens of Pakistan are brutally killed on their own soil. Until the next elections when they return for a few days and go back spending millions in foreign countries.


  • Naveen
    Sep 23, 2013 - 12:36AM

    Is it done by Taliban or by some non-state actors in their Emirate?


  • Z Khan
    Sep 23, 2013 - 12:50AM

    Another mass killing. When will this end. What is this: children are raped, humiliation of Hockey, Cricket, drunken pilot of PIA. Just endless stream of bad news. I am ashamed to be Pakistani.


  • Animal Farm - Desi
    Sep 23, 2013 - 1:33AM

    We will keep begging to please negotiate peace with us and please don’t kill us… But Punjab is safe, at least.


  • Umer
    Sep 23, 2013 - 2:14AM

    Oh my, Imran’s friends claim responsibility for the attack. May be he can ask all his questions from them.

    Taliban claims responsibility for Peshawar church bombs that killed 78


  • Realist
    Sep 23, 2013 - 2:20AM

    What about the Christian that was recently slaughtered in Karachi on blasphemy charges?


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