SC seeks appointment notification of advisor to PM

Supreme Court approves govt request of seeking more time to replace Federation Counsel, who is now advisor to PM.

Express October 09, 2010

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Saturday approved the governments request of seeking more time in the NRO verdict review case.

The government had earlier filed a petition seeking more time to replace Federation Counsel Kamal Azfar as he had been appointed advisor to the prime minister.

The Supreme Court approved the request, seeking the notification appointing Kamazal Azfar as advisor. A three member bench will hear the petition on October 11.

Earlier, Advocate on Record, Raja Abdul Ghafoor, had submitted a petition in the registrar's office seeking more time in the NRO review case. The petitioner argued that Kamal Azfar had been made an advisor to the Prime Minister, and the government now required more time to appoint a new lawyer in place of him.

It should be noted that the Supreme Court had already granted a two week extension to the government to prepare the case and the hearing of the review case was due on October 13.

The hearing had previously been adjourned till October 13 after the Attorney General of Pakistan had submitted an application on the government’s directives to adjourn the hearing of the National Reconciliation Ordinance’s (NRO) implementation.

According to sources, the petition had asked for a postponement citing the Prime Minister’s national and international commitments as well as the ongoing flood crisis.


Sultan Ahmed. | 11 years ago | Reply We,as a nation facing a tremendous crisis due to lack of consensus between judiciary and executive. As president Musharraf admitted that releasing NRO he had made a huge mistake so we shouldn't repeat such mistake by creating differences on it,we should remove all the rubble general shuttered around us. There is able leadership in the judiciary and the executive should move shoulder by shoulder and get the nation and the country from crisis. There are many option before us should adopt a option smeared with consensus,unity and love because we are going through a long dark tunnel and looks no light at the end of it. Pragmatic step, pragmatic approach, realistic way leading to real destination is the dire need of the time. Please be considered the game being played on our territory by the foreign power and avoid their conspiracies other wise history never forget us.
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