Violence case: DG Rangers says weapons coming back to Karachi from tribal areas

Weapons are first sent to tribal areas from Karachi and then transferred back to the city, says DG Rangers.

Web Desk August 30, 2013
The weapons are first sent to the tribal areas from Karachi Port and then transferred to the city, says DG Rangers. PHOTO: FILE

KARACHI: Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry summoned Director General Rangers (Sindh) over the arms and ammunition smuggled from the port in Karachi to different parts of Pakistan, Express News reported on Friday.

In response to the enquiry, DG Rangers explained that ammunitions are first sent to the tribal areas from Karachi and are then transferred back to the city. All entry routes in the city are entrenched with check-posts in the absence of forces. He further said that in the presence of all these problems police and rangers usually have to respond quickly to the circumstances.

Commenting on the ongoing violence in Karachi, DG Rangers said that AK-47 and 9mm pistols are the most commonly used weapons in Karachi killings.

He further said that the case related to 19,000 missing Nato containers is an old one and also blamed the former port and shipping minister in reference to the same. He further elaborated that secret agencies are investigating this case.

A larger Supreme Court bench, headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, resumed the hearing of the Karachi suo motu case that had earlier ordered the implementation of its October 2011 verdict to curb target killings and called for political parties to stop supporting criminal groups.

The bench also comprised Justice Jawwad S Khawaja, Justice Gulzar Ahmed, Justice Muhammad Athar Saeed and Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed.


Karachiwala | 7 years ago | Reply

Contradiction in the statement...Weapons are first delivered to Tribal areas and then imported back to Karachi- In all of this- Minister for port and shipping is to be blamed? I think DG rangers was drunk!

We all know- containers landed on port-shipped out to destination- looted at the border near tribal areas or in middle near di khan...and yes they sell it back to people..and terrorist..

how come port and shipping is to be blamed? how about blaming interior minister? rangers and police...who cannot stop looting of the truck..cannot stop the dealers..and cannot even stop it when its way back in to Karachi...

what a joke of the year- Port and shipping minister to be blamed- whose writ only extends to ports----and even that writ was half given half not!!!

MJ | 7 years ago | Reply

Search daily jang for an article where they arrested an officer of Naval intelligence in Karachi who was using the official naval building along with some insiders as a place to hide kidnapped citizens of Karachi. That is why I cannot stress enough the importance of having locals and people who have family ties and are born in Karachi to be the people in charge of law enforcement. Why does KPK does not have Police from Sindh and why does Lahore does not have Police from Karachi? But Karachi has Police officers and intelligence representatives from all over the country. They don't have any real interest with the well being of the city and just come to Karachi to fill up their pockets. I have known of Police officers pay upwards of 9 million or 90 lacks to get posted as DSP in a Karachi Police station. A lot of them also have fake birth certificates and domiciles to prove that they were born and raised in the city although in reality they have no ties with the city or its people.

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