In the line of duty: ‘Some policemen do want to bring peace’

Published: August 20, 2013
The writer remembers DSP Qasim Ghauri as a man more than a father but also a friend, teacher, brother, driver, event planner and a lot more. He single-handedly solved everyone’s problems, and remained calm and light-hearted in harsh times, she recalls. PHOTO: COURTESY MINA KHAN

The writer remembers DSP Qasim Ghauri as a man more than a father but also a friend, teacher, brother, driver, event planner and a lot more. He single-handedly solved everyone’s problems, and remained calm and light-hearted in harsh times, she recalls. PHOTO: COURTESY MINA KHAN


I’m writing this article in the memory of my khalu [uncle], DSP Qasim Ali Khan Ghouri, who was martyred at 8:30am on August 15. This is not meant to be a eulogy because no words are sufficient to express my affection and regard for Khalu.

I’d just like to share some very special experiences and lessons from his life.

Lessons from a martyr

Khalu often used to express his deepest sympathies for the frequent martyrdoms of policemen but I never thought that he’d be the one to sacrifice his life. I believed that he loved his family the most but evidently his responsibilities toward the nation came first.

On August 15, Khalu rushed to Safari Park to rescue the body of ASI Asif, who had been shot by some gangsters. When Khalu arrived at the crime scene, the rest of the policemen were waiting for an armoured personnel carrier to recover the body but he couldn’t let the gangsters take over his police jawaan’s body. So Khalu snatched his guard’s rifle and charged ahead.

Unfortunately, these days the gangsters had more advanced artillery than our under-resourced police. The gangsters opened heavy fire on Khalu and hit him at least nine times but he kept firing back. Long after Khalu was shot, there was no sign of emergency medical help or an APC so he could be taken to a facility nearby. Khalu died shortly after he reached a hospital.

This was definitely not the first time that our ill-equipped policemen have tried to deal with a heavily armed mafia. It has become the order of day that a couple of policemen die and the whole nation fails to appreciate the sacrifices of our protectors. I’m very proud of my Khalu’s brave attempt, and whole-heartedly acknowledge the heart-felt condolences of his well-wishers. I also deeply thank the police department for the esteem they accorded to him.

Lessons from a policeman

Khalu and I had frequently discussed that though the police department has its fair share of flaws, they can be corrected. The departmental flaws do not, however, take away from the sacrifices of our jawaans. Khalu thought that we should take seriously the advices of policemen to improve the department because a lot of policemen genuinely want to help the people the most. He explained that since the police are under-resourced, the policemen have insufficient funds for even operational expenditures, such as petrol and office supplies. Hence, the police need extra funding to even maintain their current infrastructure, let alone upgrade it.

Khalu further explained that corruption may also get viral when the higher ups want additional resources and the subordinates have to collect funds to pass on. Therefore, it is imperative that we support our direly needed police department as it always steps up to fight with criminals and terrorist groups, regardless of what its resources are.

Lessons from a caretaker

Khalu epitomised a fearless, responsible and caring person. He not only carried out his responsibilities as a policeman but also took extremely good care of his family. For me, he was not only much more than a father but also a friend, teacher, brother, driver, event planner and a lot more. He single-handedly solved everyone’s problems, and remained calm and light-hearted in harsh times. He taught us to take on others’ problems and solve them with the best of our capabilities.

May Allah grant my shaheed [martyred] baba a really good spot in Jannatul Firdous. Ameen.

The writer is pursuing her Bachelor’s of Arts in Mathematics and Physics at Mount Holyoke College in the United States.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 20th, 2013.

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Reader Comments (7)

  • Anwer Chughtai
    Aug 20, 2013 - 5:04AM

    Pakistan has lost many of her finest in Police as well as Army in her was against terror and Law and Order establishment.

    May he rest in peace in heaven and may the finest blessings of Allah be upon him. Amin.


  • Respect
    Aug 20, 2013 - 11:09AM

    I was at Safari park with my family on the 14th and came to know about the operation early on the 15th. The operation took place in an area of the park which has been encroached by thugs and land mafia belonging to some Sindhi nationalist outfits who observed Aug 14 as a black day.
    However, due to “political correctness” no high profile politician/ party / CM / Governor issued strong statements or accorded any action.
    Salute to our brave martyrs – Thank you sirs!


  • Shakeel
    Aug 20, 2013 - 11:52AM

    Salute to the brave who sacrificed his life in the respect of his colleague’s dead body. It needs a sensitive heart to realise the true meaning of a relation and your khalu definitely had the most sensitive and beautiful heart. May allah increase his darjaats in the Jannat. I hope that one day Pakistan may be able to recover from the ragged state of the matters that its currently is sinking even deeper into with every day gone by :(


  • Bilal
    Aug 20, 2013 - 1:31PM

    Hats off for all those who sacrificed their lives in protecting this pak soil.May Allah bless them.


  • Shan
    Aug 20, 2013 - 7:58PM

    Great article, he was indeed a hero. I do agree Pakistan has a good number of police officers who want to do “good” but unfortunately with widespread corruption, and heavy political influence it becomes almost impossible. May he rest and peace and may Pakistan see more heroes like him, please forward my condolences to his family as well. Most of all, I hope justice is served and his sacrifice is appreciated by the police department and the people of Pakistan.


  • Kareem
    Aug 21, 2013 - 3:14AM

    I respect this act of heroism for DSP Qasim sb. Although we must have a look on that Is it necessary operation? The answer is NO. Absolutely the first raid made by ASI Asif must have sufficient staff if the staff is not managed than he can wait but who send ASI Asif in the urgent way. There was no hostage in this area no wanna flee away from there. Then the time of the raid and the procedure is proffesional? No. Then who send them with out staff. I heard the sound of SHO Malik Saleem who is the main character of this whole film. Ahhhh the black-sheep …..

    Police must be equipped with latest arms and ammunition and vehicles, at the Police Station level. All high-ups have fully loaded vehicles more than two or three in their personnal use which total worth may be reach more than 50 lacs but dont wanna give at lower level for official use an APC which will save the lives. There is a fund for each and every expense in the Police department and it will issue the person who have DDO Power. And he is of SSP level or DIG level person then who is the person who forge the bugdet. Descion is yours the official who bribe Rs. 100 on road and laid down his life for the public or the honest persons sitting in the A/C and bribe lacs of Rs. and we dont even know that..Ahhh the black-sheep………


  • Raza
    Aug 21, 2013 - 4:56PM

    Alsalamoalaikum……First of all I would like to pray to Allah, that Allah may do MAGHFIRAT of your uncle and give patience to you and his family. Secondly, killing any one is always a crime and cannot be accepted, I request to the government especially Sindh Government, that they must avoid creating terror groups for their funding and using them foe terrorism in the city. It is impossible that Govt dont know that who were they , who killed the respected Police officer.


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