Confusion ends: No moon sighted on Tuesday, says Saudi Arabia's Supreme Court

The statement by the court implied that there had been an error with the sighting of Ramazan moon this year.

Web Desk August 06, 2013
If the moon had been sighted, Ramazan would had ended in 28 days, one day short of the minimum cycle. PHOTO: FILE

DUBAI: Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court announced on Tuesday night that even after it asked citizens to report moon sightings on Ramazan 27, the Shawwal moon was not sighted, the Gulfnews reported.

Supreme Court would now convene for a meeting on Wednesday to sight the moon.

Earlier, the Saudi Supreme Court had urged the public to search for the crescent moon on Tuesday night, which had sparked confusion.

If moon had been sighted on Tuesday, Ramazan would have ended on day 28, one day short of the minimum lunar cycle, which is followed in the Islamic calendar. Lunar months either consists of 29 or 30 days.

The statement by the court earlier in the day implied that there had been an error with the sighting of the Ramazan moon this year and that the month of Ramazan should have started on July 9, instead of July 10.


Socrates | 9 years ago | Reply

@Khuwaja: The guy who runs this website doesnt know what hese talking about. His theory is full of very basic mistakes

shaz | 9 years ago | Reply


I don't now what Saudi doing its not rocket science you follow where you live.. for the sighting of the moon you have to be in south America in Argentina at this time and later on this evening south Africa if the you see the moon clearly and mature then the Eid be tomorrow only in country if you see the moon for example (if you see the moon in middle of Africa) then the Eid will follow in middle east but not in Europe, England,and north America, they have to follow the day after.... To see the moon on 28th of Ramadan clearly you have to be in south pole!!!! thanks for looking was-slam..

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