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The latest smart stuff so we can sit back and enjoy life.

Khurram Baig July 28, 2013
The latest smart stuff so we can sit back and enjoy life.

The latest smart stuff so we can sit back and enjoy life.

PC on a stick

Meet the dual-core computer the size and shape of a USB Flash drive that turns any HDMI-capable TV or monitor into an Android station. The Android 4.0 Mini PC MK802 II costs $50 to $70. The MK808 ups the ante with a dual-core CPU, more internal memory and native 1080p output. Available off or on ebay.

USB Wall Socket: Newer Technology Power2U

Ever faced with the situation where you realise you don’t have your phone or tablet charger on you? Or the wall socket is not compatible with your charger’s plug? This device will take care of those worries and turn your home, or office into charger heaven. Pretty much all devices now charge over USB, not just phones or laptops, even wifi hotspots.

With this USB faceplate that has two USB ports, you no longer need to carry a different charger for each device. And this is thanks to Newer Technology Power2U at a cost of just $25.

SmartWatch: Sony SmartWatch

A smart watch lets you control your phone, check email, play music. Android phone-using geeks like me will love the Sony SmartWatch ($150) that pairs with your phone via Bluetooth and runs a variety of custom apps, including special FB and Twitter clients. It sounds an alarm if you’ve left your handset behind.

Lifeline for your laptop: Veho Pebble Pro or Hyperjuice 60wh

The average ultraportable notebook or laptop gets barely more than six hours of endurance when running at 40% brightness. Most external batteries on the market can only charge USB-powered devices like phones and tablets. This is where the Pebble Pro can save your life. The Veho Pebble Pro ($70) comes with a slew of tips for charging. Mac users will appreciate one of the Hyperjuice batteries, such as the $170 60Wh version that promises an additional 20 hours of endurance.

Floor Plan Light switch

This is kind of useful, but more than that I think it is uber-cool and a style-statement that even a non-geek would be proud to show off in his or her ultra-fashionable mansion. And like I said, it is useful. Have you ever had a problem with forgetting which light switch stands for what light, or what room? Taewon Hwang came with the great idea of creating a master light switch with a simple design that shows you what lights you are turning on or off. It couldn’t be simpler.

Published in The Express Tribune, Sunday Magazine, July 28th, 2013.

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