Obama urges Netanyahu to resume peace talks with Palestinians

Secretary of State John Kerry visits the region to try to help restart talks that stalled in 2010.

Reuters July 19, 2013
Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:PHOTO:REUTERS.

WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama spoke by telephone on Thursday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and urged him to resume peace talks with Palestinians, the White House said in a statement.

The telephone call was part of regular consultations between the two leaders, the White House said, but came as US Secretary of State John Kerry visited the region to try to help restart talks that stalled in 2010.

"The President encouraged Prime Minister Netanyahu to continue to work with Secretary Kerry to resume negotiations with the Palestinians as soon as possible," the White House said, noting the leaders also talked about security issues in Egypt, Iran and Syria.


Aschraful Makhlooq | 10 years ago | Reply

I am sure that this is not more than a hilarious comedy and joke from US' officials for the Palestinians.....

naeem khan Manhattan,Ks | 10 years ago | Reply

Obama is a weak President and if any one thinks that PM Benjamin Netanyahu is going to listen to him, they are just dreaming, the key to all this is the Jewish lobby in the US, most of the American politicians are scared to political death from this lobby and if they try to become independent then the lobby is ready for their political assassination. I recall when I asked Senator Brownback (now Governor Kansas) at a fund raising party in Wichita,KS. that why do we have this lopsided foreign policy in the middle east and his answer was, " it is different bucket of worms." He was not ready to touch it because he is striving to become Republican nominee for Presidency and above all it was being video taped, This is just one example , look at the number of Jewish Senators in the Senate comparable to their total population of about 9million out of 300 million and then see the number of black Americans which are about 23% of the US population. We will not find a single black American in the Senate. Obama was a fluke that time and now he is cornered by the majority of Republicans. So don't believe a word Obama says, he will say what the Jewish lobby will want him to say. Remember his lofty speech in Egypt, it was never pursued further and now he is supporting the the military dictatorship in Egypt to appease the Israelis which is being orchestrated from here.

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