Police re-arrest escaped prisoner in Karachi

Sajjad had managed to escape the police after slipping through his bonds and jumping over the City Court walls.

Web Desk July 16, 2013

KARACHI: Karachi Police has apprehended prisoner who had managed to escape from the City Courts earlier during the day, Express News reported.

On Tuesday, the police had brought the suspect, Sajjad to City Courts, having arrested him for possession of narcotics. The suspect though managed to slip out from his bonds before climbing over the City Court walls to escape the police.

The police subsequently launched a search for the man and managed to apprehend him from the Kati Pahari area of Karachi.

Eye witness Advocate Hanif said that the police were often lenient to prisoners, allowing them to see and talk to their family members, and providing them cell phones for calls in exchange for money.

“If that is the way our police deals with the criminals, these things will happen,” he criticised the police.

As many as six prisoners, including members of terrorist organisations, have managed to escape Karachi City Court in the last six days.

On July 11, three prisoners escaped from a lockup in the Anti-terrorism Court in Karachi.

On July 14, two prisoners involved in bombings escaped from the city court.

Police says that teams have been dispatched to search for the escaped prisoners.

After the prisoners escaped, police closed the city court doors to the public, eliminating all contact with them, Express News correspondent Shakir Sultan reported.

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