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It is rare for politicians to own up to mistakes but Musharraf does not quite say how he intends to solve problems.

Editorial October 02, 2010

It is rare for politicians to own up to mistakes. When they choose to do so, this is something to welcome. The admission by Pervez Musharraf that he had made major mistakes during his nine-year tenure as president, notably in the case of the NRO, amounts in many ways to an act of courage worthy of a former commando. In our political culture few politicians admit to errors. Of course, this isn’t the only error that he committed and it could be argued that his perhaps gravest mistake – or rather crime – was to overthrow an elected government and for which he should be prosecuted in a court of law.

The setting up of a new political party is less unusual. There are after all an extraordinary number of parties, and factions of parties, on the scene, distinguished from each other by the initial attached at the end of their names. The All Pakistan Muslim League, launched in London by Musharraf, adds to the number. The former president has said all the right things, stating he wishes to use the new entity as a means to serve the people of his nation and to tackle poverty, corruption and other issues. We cannot as yet predict what the future of this party will be. Others also set up with what seemed like excellent intentions behind them quickly faded away into the background, managing at best to pick up a single seat, or maybe a few more, when it came to that crucial test of the polls. Musharraf in fact enters the political arena at a disadvantage. As head of state, from 1999 to 2008, he left behind problems that today present a huge threat to our nation. Despite claims to battle militancy, terrorism grew rapidly. The energy crisis that is now a constant part of our live worsened and mainstream parties were pushed into the background and attempts made to intervene in their working. This undoubtedly weakened our democracy.

Musharraf also does not quite say how he intends to solve problems. His tendency to fall back on the bombastic arrogance for which he became known for during his tenure is also still present, as has been apparent in some interviews. But only time will tell what the Pakistani electorate will think of his words and whether they forgive him for his past actions, were he to participate in the next election.

Published in The Express Tribune, October 3rd, 2010.


Nazia | 11 years ago | Reply GIFTS OF MUSHARRAF Thank you Musharraf….. For undermining sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan by allowing for the very first time in the history, drone attacks by foreigners inside Pakistani territory and even condoning ground attacks. U cease to exist as a country if u allow such violations of border violations. Its better to eat grass rather than this shame For allowing unauthorized access to US forces in Pakistani bases/ airfields For giving air corridors to US planes to fly over Pakistani territory in order to carry out missile attacks inside Afghanistan or undoubtedly on Pakistan For killing your own people with gunship helicopters without differentiating between militants and innocent women and children whereby even India has never used such bombardment in Kashmir to date For handing over thousands of Pakistani citizens to US authorities in exchange for US dollars For taking such steps which prompted for the very first time suicide bombings inside Pakistan, thus creating enormous law and order situation in the country resulting in massive reduction in investments and plunging the economy of the country For mishandling Lal masjid crisis causing huge loss of lives For employing number of armed forces personnel in civilian departments to gain support in the army thereby destroying the state of affairs of those institutions For tarnishing the image of Pakistan Armed Forces within the country For creating an environment where attacks on Pakistani military by Pakistanis were seen for the very first time and is now a normal routine For plummeting country into judicial crisis (only to hold power) which still hangs on For giving clean chit to corrupt politicians by making deals with them and signing NRO For making U-turn on decades old Kashmir policy of Pakistan and giving up stance as per UN resolution For making Kashmiri Mujahideen ‘terrorists’ For failing to fulfill any of your seven pledges made to the nation after overthrowing civilian government For failing to build kalabagh dam while making such pledges throughout your tenure For not fulfilling a number of times promises you made to the nation on television to step down as army chief and president For further alienating Balochistan people For accepting all the demands of US without negotiating after 9/11 which even US herself was not quite expecting such a forthcoming response For saying ‘Sab say pehlay Pakistan’ but believing in ‘Sab say pehlay America’ For putting the whole nation into identity crisis whereby it does not know her direction and destiny For sowing the seeds for a divided nation on the lines of religious inclination (extremist/ enlightened moderated) Nazia Jameel, Karachi A citizen of Pakistan
Fasih Ali Khan | 11 years ago | Reply Somewhat Balanced Views, But Again Musharraf Bashing is Imminent.
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