Delish iftar deals in your city

Here’s a list of eateries offering great deals for the holy month.

Eateries all over Pakistan have something special to offer during Ramazan. PHOTO: AYESHA MIR/EXPRESS

PESHAWAR/ ISLAMABAD/ LAHORE/ KARACHI: Ramazan calls for rejoicing in the warm circle of family and friends and devouring on delectable delights at Sehri and Iftar.

From the fussy foodies to the casual eaters, there is something for everyone in the eateries around Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar. Here are the top five picks from each city that are guaranteed to give you the grand iftari experience.


Café 76

Located in old Clifton area, this café offers four kinds of different deals with a price ranging between Rs650 and Rs1,100. Chicken stuffed potatoes, soups, pastas, burgers and sandwiches are also a part of this menu. Either sit inside or under the moonlit shade of large trees, the choice is yours.


This Asian restaurant is located right off 26th Tauheed commercial area, offering honey glazed BBQ wings, prawn tempura, beef satay, stuffed chilies, shiitake spring rolls, mango yogurt and mint lemonade — all for Rs1,244.

The Cakery

Also located in Tauheed commercial area is The Cakery.  This eatery offers hunter beef sandwiches, roast chicken subs, spaghetti Bolognese, a variety of shakes and frosty chillers. Prices vary from Rs225 to Rs425 per item.

Koel Café

For a quiet Iftari visit Koel located off 26th Tauheed commercial area, whish seems to be a hub of great restaurants. The café offers a platter for two priced at Rs825. This includes dahi bharay, chicken wontons, vegetable tempura served with garlic bread, chicken and cheese stuffed chilies, paneer and soya roll, fruit salad and chana chaat.

The Lantern

This Chinese restaurant is located in the same premises as Café 76. They are offering soup and Chinese fried rice with a selection from the main course for Rs699. The main dishes include fish in garlic sauce, Kung Pao chicken, beef with bamboo shoot and chicken chili dry.


Cosa Nostra

This fine restaurant is offering a great feast for iftar. From lemonade, plum juice and peach juice to spring rolls, fruit chaat and mini samosas, they have it all. Some other dishes include pastas, fried fish, roast with black pepper sauce and much more for the price of Rs1,790.

Salt n Pepper Village

A buffet menu at Salt n Pepper is bound to fill you up. In the price of Rs1,275 they offer 60 items including samosas, dahi bhallay, chaat, pakoray, chicken karhai, BBQ, kofta chana, biryani, paye, egg fried rice, lamb roast and much more.


This place offers fun drinks, fruit chaat, special iftar basket, chicken wings, soup and Yum restaurant specials, all in the price of Rs1,730. Their other must-haves are chicken with black bean sauce, beef with black bean sauce, fish with chilies and onions, red curry and chicken chow mien.


Indulge yourself during iftari with 16 entrees from Veranda’s daily menu which rotates daily. From dates, samosas and soups to 10 salads, 10 desserts and entrees, which include seafood, chicken, beef and pastas, you have a deal for only Rs1,550.


Being one of the most popular places in town, Andaaz offers a complementary iftar menu with their dinner. Iftari includes dates, chaats, lemonade, lassi, papri chaat, chana chaat. along with ala carte priced at Rs 1,200.


The Lime Tree

Either place an order or eat in, this joint offers delicious items on their menu. Iftari deals priced at Rs295 includes a variety of chaats and samosas to choose from, with other items being dates, dahi baray, tea and juice. Lime Tree’s dinner menu is priced at Rs695.

Atrio Café and Grill

With barbeque, sandwiches, steaks, pastas and pizzas on Atrio’s menu, the iftar and dinner platter is priced at Rs 750. Also, the restaurant offers sehri ala carte menu from midnight till fajr time.

Tuscany Courtyard

Being one of the favourites, this place offers Italian, Mediterranean and Thai dishes with three-tier iftar platters. The customers have a range of items to choose from, however, Tuscany Courtyard did not share their price.

House of Bombay

This authentic Indian restaurant offers an Iftar and dinner buffet for Rs999, excluding tax. It’s a steal-deal for anyone craving good food for a good price.

Andaaz Restaurant

This restaurant offers a complementary iftar menu with their dinner. Iftari includes dates, chaats, lemonade, lassi, papri chaat, chana chaat along with ala carte priced at Rs 1,200.

Andaaz Thali includes daal, vegetable, chicken, BBQ, rice and raita.



Located on University Road, the restaurant offers their iftar deal for Rs999. The items include hot chicken wings, pakora, kheer and fruit chaat. Also offering a dinner deal for Rs999, Lasania’s specials include roasts, chicken manchurian, kababs, salads and desserts for Rs999.


This place serves a wide selection of Pakistani, bbq, Chinese and fast food items at Rs 790 per person. Pulao, fried mutton, roast, mutton handi, seekh kabab are also specials at Usmania.


Also located on University road, Balana’s Ramazan deal offers various cuisines and bbq items with salad and raita for Rs999 per person. You will find comfort in their variety of iftar items.

Celeste Restaurant and Café

Celeste announced their Ramazan Iftar buffet priced at Rs999. The menu for Iftar includes Arabic stuffed dates, vegetable pakoray, hot chicken wings, fruit chaat and dahi baray. The dinner items include chicken, fish, lamb and beef entrees.

Pearl continental Hotel

PC iftar features traditional staples and festive cuisines along with special Ramazan drinks and a great selection of desserts all for Rs1,150. They also offer a Sehar buffet priced at Rs600 per person.

Dunkin Donuts

For Rs450, Dunkin Donuts is offering a Ramazan iftar deal which includes two sandwiches, two Pepsi drinks and two donuts. For an iftar deal for one person, the place offers a box which has one Boston Burger, one pepsi and one donut, priced at Rs180.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 14th, 2013.

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