Diplomats say Pakistan will not engage in media war with Afghanistan

Northern Alliance, Taliban, Hamid Karzai and America are stakeholders in Afghanistan solution, says statement.

Web Desk July 09, 2013
Despite some negative statements from Afghanistan politicians, Pakistan will not engage in media war: Diplomats. PHOTO: FILE

ISLAMABAD: A statement from diplomatic sources says that Pakistan will not engage in a media war with Afghanistan despite some statements from Afghanistan politicians and officials against Pakistan, and will continue to maintain good relations with Afghanistan, Express News reported.

The statement recognised the Northern Alliance, the Taliban, Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai and America as stakeholders in the Afghanistan solution.

It also said that after the Doha talks, America had acknowledged that the Taliban were stakeholders in the Afghanistan solution.

The statement also said that India was not a direct neighbour to Afghanistan.

Express News Bureau Chief Islamabad Amir Ilyas Rana said that important aspects of Pakistan’s foreign policy were highlightened in a meeting between political officials and diplomats.

Rana said that talks between the US and the Taliban would continue even though they might have stopped temporarily, and Pakistan would continue to provide assistance in the matter.

He said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had taken a line of action for Pakistan’s foreign policy objectives and that Pakistan should have good relations, diplomatic and economic, with all countries be it China, America or the European Union.

Rana said that Pakistan was fully committed to prevent a tragedy like the current militant blowback after the Soviet War from occurring again after NATO troops exit from Afghanistan in 2014.

Pakistan-India talks

Rana said that Prime Minister’s Adviser on National Security and Foreign Affairs Senator Sartaj Aziz met with Indian Minister of Foreign Affairs Salman Khurshid and decided that Pakistan and Indian prime ministers would meet at the UN General Assembly annual session meeting in America in September, where the dates for the third stage of Pakistan-India talks would also be finalised.

The third stage of Pakistan India talks was important, Rana said.

Diplomats said that the Indian media was busy in promoting a negative propaganda against Pakistan, such that 8 out of 10 Indian films were against Pakistan, something that Pakistan had never engaged in, and that an agreement to stop the media war should be reached in order for peace talks to proceed.

They said that Prime Minister Nawaz had been working for the betterment of ties between Pakistan and India, but the talks were disrupted by the occurrence of the Kargil War.


Abdul Kabuli | 10 years ago | Reply

@ Usman-Pakistani Pashtoon

You are ok in writing stories, write a novel and try your luck but please be proud and put your real name dont use pashtoo or...

With the international chain restaurant can you tell me who are the tourists using these international venues..? I am sorry but the Locals umm maybe they cant afford it, so it is a waste of space maybe government should demolish it and build a couple of madrassas there.

Comming to the point of comparison i remembered a say "pot calling the kettle black".

Usman-Pakistani Pashtoon | 10 years ago | Reply

@ Kabuli

if its as good as you are describing why 20 million Afghanis never return to their motherland and are happy to stay in europe, UAE, USA, Iran and PAKISTAN?? Since my wife is afghan, i sometimes visit kabul and know more about it than you as you yourself are living in the west and haven't paid a visit to kabul since long, right??? Once in Kabul someone asked me "Raura Pakistani aye ka Muhajir (Brother are you Pakistani or Migrant) and that day i realized the Afghanis call themselves migrants even inside their own country and they are so connected with muhajrat that even inside their country they call themselves MUHAJIRS (Migrants) and are proud of it...

@Basheer *"Afghanistan is doing well as far as it comes down to economical growth* and that is the reason i guess real estate is continuously going down in Kabul (Capital of Afghanistan and Financial Hub). Real estate is a market correlated with security and peace situation but due to uncertainty the kabul market is at its lowest compared to 2004-2010 era... now compare this to the real estate in Peshawar (One of Pakistan most notorious city but still far more developed than Kabul) and you will realize the real estate have gone upwards only since its birth... Basheer name me one international chain restaurant in Kabul and compare it with Peshawar, the least developed city of Pakistan...... Remember, Safi and Intercontinental are not international chains, they are local...

oh i just realized, i can't even compare our least developed city with Afghanistan's capital but still our hearts are big dear.... we know even if someone vomits in Afghanistan, you have no proper doctor their and you visit us for cure but on your return you forget everything....

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