10-day exhibition at The Drawing Room

Published: October 2, 2010
Art work by Dua Abbas.

Art work by Dua Abbas.

Art work by Usman Alvi. Art work by Dua Abbas.

LAHORE: A 10-day exhibition of art pieces by six artists titled Body of Work has begun at The Drawing Room Art Gallery from Friday.

The artists whose work has been displayed include, Dua Abbas, Usman Alvi, Scheherezade Junejo, Faraz Ali, Magul Anah Farooq and Saima Munawar.

Through sculpture, pastels, miniature, digital print and painting, the artists have portrayed the relationship of human bodies with its environment. The show covers portraiture, life drawing and other creations in which the human form is the prime feature of inspiration.

Dua Abbas’s work is based on the power and burden of beauty. Her paintings display unhappy trapped feminine figures in fairy tales. She said that the imagery of flowers and adornments used in her paintings illustrate the transience of time.

Faraz Ali’s work contain little spacemen, aviators and wings as symbols to denote fight. He said his pieces have eyes on the future and the world depicted in his paintings belongs to the young.

Magul Anah Farooq has sewed canes to convey her ideas. She has used canes, wrapped with the pictures of different celebrities.

Scherezad Junejo has mixed intense saturated colors with stark black and white and has played creatively with every detail of the work. Color, light and space all played an equally important role in the stark drama of her anatomical portraits, she said.

Saima Munawar has explored Muslim female roles post 9/11. In one of her piece titled, Point of Departure, she has portrayed a woman completely engulfed by her own hair.

Usman Alvi’s work has miniature techniques based on references to a life lived through gestures, and not language. Both the artist and his subjects lack the power of speech.

Stone craft at Nairang

Architects Hyder and Hala have displayed stone craft at Nairang Art Gallery.  The stones were taken out of the hills and were used in rough forms to inscribe different shapes on them. Lion of Babylon, a large sized stone, had an engraved picture of a lion. The artists said that they had inscribed the figures on the stones very delicately. The exhibition will end Saturday (Today).

Published in The Express Tribune, October 2nd, 2010.

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