'Unleashing the Taliban': Pakistan shuns Afghan army chief’s comments

General Karimi alleges the Taliban are under Pakistan's control.

Web Desk July 03, 2013
General Karimi had said Pakistan could end the Afghan war “in weeks” if it were serious about peace. ILLUSTRATION: JAMAL KHURSHID/FILE

ISLAMABAD: The Afghan army chief’s comments regarding Pakistan’s strong control over the Taliban are yet another attempt to malign the country, a statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated on Wednesday.

In a BBC interview, General Sher Mohammad Karimi had said Pakistan could end the Afghan war “in weeks” if it were serious about peace.

The foreign office said the allegations that Pakistan “controls” the Taliban and has “unleashed” them on Afghanistan have no basis and we reject them categorically.

“Pakistan has exercised extreme restraint in the face of highly provocative language used by the Afghan civil and military officials over the last few months, not to mention some totally fabricated accusations,” the statement said.

“Such comments also reflect insincerity on the part of some elements in Afghan government. On the specific request of the Afghan leadership itself, Pakistan has been fully supportive of the reconciliation process. Our concrete steps to facilitate this process, are well known,” it added.

The foreign office statement stressed that Pakistan will not be deterred in its efforts to support the international community’s efforts to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan.

“We would, however, hope that the Afghan officials would refrain from levelling baseless allegation and work towards creating a conducive environment that helps advance the shared objectives of peace, stability and prosperity,” it said.


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Asif Butt | 8 years ago | Reply


I dont believe the nature of this news article asks anyone to think what Pakistan should focus on.

The question created is what Afghanistan should focus on ?

Specially at such times when their leaders and generals have no actual power over their land/people and the only thing they can think up of is Pakistan.

Until these Afghanis were refugees , they roamed around free in Pakistan waiting for their Canadian and US visas.

They forget that the reason that Afghanis are earning dollars and pounds overseas is that their neighbor Pakistan allowed them in and let them fly out.

Even the Muslims of Pakistan have regards for people in India likewise Hindus in India have regard for people in Pakistan.

But these Afghanis , the ones fed up with their history and its child the Taliban , they are ungrateful liberal fanatics who think that the world will help them TRANSFORM into some modern country in a few years.

They havent yet realized that it takes decades easily.

So the least they should do is to start having peaceful and NICE relations with Pakistan.

But still , I wish you all the right and pleasure to dream on ....;)

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