Civilian deaths in Pakistan drone attacks at all-time low: Report

Report states around 200 children lost their lives in drone campaigns.

Web Desk July 02, 2013
Report states around 200 children lost their lives in drone campaign. PHOTO: AFP/ FILE

The number of reported civilian deaths caused by the CIA’s drone campaign in Pakistan is at an all-time low, a report by The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ) stated.

According to the data mentioned in the report, the number of drone strikes conducted under Obama’s administration stands at 318, while the total number of strikes carried out since 2004 is 370.

These hundreds of strikes in Pakistan’s tribal region killed at least 2,500 people, 400 of whom are said to be civilians.

The report stated that around 200 children lost their lives in drone attacks.

The campaign carried out with the help of unmanned aircraft left around 1,100 injured.

People killed per strike in Pakistan

There is said to be a steep decline in the number of US drone strikes in Pakistan; strikes are now at their lowest level since early 2008.

The average number of people being killed in each drone strike has fallen sharply too, an analysis of the Bureau’s data shows. On average, four people now die in each attack – just a third of the rate in the first six months of 2010.

TJIB data indicates that the highest casualties in the US drone war occur when the CIA carries out “signature strikes” – attacking groups of men judged to be behaving in a suspicious manner.

TBIJ is a not for profit organisation based at City University in London.


waqas | 9 years ago | Reply

aoa... i request to the express news anchor persons plz one point discussed only drone attacks in pakistan, plz try to stop this through more and more programs on this serious issue with the govt elected members its request you sir form all pakistanies.Allah ta'la give you the oppertunity plz consume it in true way plz plz sir try to bring the facts? thankyou

csmann | 9 years ago | Reply

Pakistani intelligence officials, ‘three Taliban commanders‘ and government officials from the tribal agencies said Haqqani militants were targeted. The Haqqani network carried out cross-border attacks on Nato and Afghan forces and has been targeted several times by the CIA. As the day wore and understanding of the situation grew, the death toll rose. By around 11am local time Reuters and AFP were reporting 17 killed in the strike. There were no reports of any civilians or senior militants dying in the attack though Dawn reported Haqqani ‘head commander Haji Shahrifullah‘ was not killed in the strike.

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