Written in the stars: Cosy up to the Cancer man

The Cancer man lends credence to the water sign’s reputation for being a whirlwind of emotions!

June 25, 2013
Celebrity Cancer: Tobey Maguire These celebrities are proof that Cancer men are some of the hottest men around.

June 22 — July 22

Crazy for a Cancerian? Check our helpful tips on how to bag him!

Inside the Crab’s shell

The Cancer man lends credence to the water sign’s reputation for being a whirlwind of emotions! Ladies who relish a man in tune with his feminine side will absolutely adore the Cancerian gentleman for he feels deeply and is not afraid to show it. In fact, this man is extremely sincere with anything related to his home, health, family and feelings, to the extent of possessiveness and is prone to frequent mood swings. Genuinely caring and sensual, the Celestial Crab loves with all his heart.  He is adept at making others feel at home but constantly needs physical and emotional reassurance in return, often appearing needy and oversensitive. But don’t be fooled by their romantic and vulnerable exterior! Behind this lurks a complex and ambitious authoritarian that can turn your world upside down if they feel wronged. While the Cancerian man craves stability and is happiest in a relationship, he is unlikely to rush into love because nothing is more important to him than finding the woman who will complete his life and only then will he let his guard down completely. However, if you do manage to lower his defences, be prepared for an epic love that will move mountains and last a lifetime!

Match made in heaven

Cancer Man — Scorpio Woman

The Cancer man is a well of sentiments and deep desires, much like the emotionally-intense Scorpion woman who seeks everything that the former needs – a stable home, family, kids and privacy. Both signs set great store by fidelity and share prominent possessive streaks with the Scorpio woman often feeling even more jealous than the Cancer man! She can easily identify with the Crab’s torrent of feelings as she herself is just as passionate and their shared interests indicate a long and happy family life together.

DON’T even think about it

Cancer Man — Libra Woman

The Cancer man’s emotionally irrational nature is in stark contrast to the Libra woman’s objectivity and rational mind. Should a problem arise, the cool and collected Libran will seek more confrontation than what her meeker Cancerian counterpart may be comfortable giving, leaving the former dissatisfied or perplexed. The Crab’s emotional baggage can be a sign of danger for the Libra woman. Not to mention, she will desire an egalitarian relationship wherein both signs play equal roles while the Cancer man will want to maintain the upper hand. This can cause feelings of suppression in the free-spirited Libran and lead to serious problems in the long run.

How to grab the crab? 

1)  The key to scoring your Cancerian crush is to remain determined! This guy will die before he rushes in to anything love-related and much to our dismay, there is no manual detailing how long that will take. But he will surely be worth the wait!

2)  A true softie, the Cancer man is a sucker for romantic, intimate settings. Organize a cosy dinner at a quiet restaurant with soft lights, gentle music or take a trip to a local museum or other historic location. Remember, it is his emotions that need to be sparked. Once that is done, assume you are set for life!

Recipe for disaster! 

1)  Cancer men often have very close relationships with their mothers. No matter how horrid his mother may be, try not to criticize her lest his possessive streak arise and lead to a conflict between you two!

2)  If you are not seeking a long-term relationship, do not bother with the Cancer man. Not only will your attempts prove futile, he is also just way too caring and soft-hearted to be wronged!

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@Ali: bite me, the fact that you think that forces in space dont affect you shows how smart you are :)

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People actually believe this astrology nonsense? How can imaginary lines connecting dots (stars) in the night sky have anything to do people's emotions and luck? Stupid!

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