'Blasphemous newspaper': Court denies bail to Ahmadi distributors

Two other alleged accomplices were granted bail.

Our Correspondent June 19, 2013
The accused were charged with the printing and distribution of Al Fazal, a Jamaat-i-Ahmadia community newspaper. PHOTO: FILE

LAHORE: A division bench of the Lahore High Court dismissed bail applications on Wednesday of two Ahmadi men with blasphemy cases registered against them at Islampur police station.

Presided by Justice Tariq Masood, the bench dismissed bail applications of Khalid Asfhaq and Tahir Mahmood after listening to cases presented by both the prosecution and the defendant.

Police officials had registered an FIR on the complaint of Muhammad Hassan Muavia under Pakistan Penal Code and Anti Terrorist Act.

The complainant had accused them of printing and distributing Jamaat-i-Ahmadia's community newspaper, Al Fazal.

It was alleged that the newspaper had blasphemous content.

Editor of the newspaper Abdul Sami and printer, Tahir Mehdi were also nominated in the FIR but they were not arrested till the filing of the report.

Earlier an Anti-Terrorism Court (ATC) had also dismissed bail applications of Ashfaq and Mahmood but alleged accomplices, Faisal Tahir and Azhar Zarif were granted bail.


Observer | 8 years ago | Reply

@Acorn Guts:

" Your argument is no different to religious people’s in principle, just from a completely other end of the spectrum .. just as assertive, intolerant and obstinate as the other."

You are committing a huge fallacy by putting blind faith and scientific inquiry on the same spectrum. Blind faith is blind, it can never change, as it is not based on facts. But, scientific inquiry is based on facts and allows the possibility of change of theory based on new facts as they emerge.

Challenging supernatural beliefs is not necessarily intolerant. What intolerant is imposing ones blind faith on others as the absolute truth.

Acorn Guts | 8 years ago | Reply

@Observer: No need to elaborate my friend. I was merely amused by the pot-kettle-black situation you had just gotten yourself into.

i.e. Religious people argue that their belief is the absolute truth and you on the other hand deny their absolute truth and raise them an absolute truth of your own using 'logic' and 'scientific enquiry'. Your argument is no different to religious people's in principle, just from a completely other end of the spectrum .. just as assertive, intolerant and obstinate as the other.

The truth is neither of you two at the extreme ends of intolerance can definitely prove one or the other wrong. So let it be .. each to one's own, what ever one needs to go through this life is one's own business .. let their be harmony and understanding .. this world will be a much better place.

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