Shahrukh Jatoi's lawyers file appeal in Sindh High Court

Jatoi’s lawyers claimed that the eyewitnesses’ statements do not match earlier statements.

Web Desk June 12, 2013
Shahrukh Jatoi gestures as he leaves a court after being convicted for murder in Karachi on June 7. PHOTO: AFP

KARACHI: Lawyers of Shahrukh Jatoi filed an appeal in the Sindh High Court against the death sentence given to Jatoi by the anti-terrorism court on June 7, reported Express News on Wednesday.

The ATC had allowed Jatoi’s lawyers seven days to appeal against the verdict.

Jatoi’s lawyers claimed that the eyewitnesses’ statements do not match earlier statements and that the court should review its verdict.

On December 25, last year, Shahzeb Khan, 20, was gunned down by Shahrukh Jatoi, who was accompanied by his friends, Siraj and Sajjad Talpur. The young men had a fight after the Talpur’s servant, Ghulam Murtaza Lashari, teased Shahzeb’s sister.

The Talpur brothers are also appealing their conviction at the Sindh High Court. Advocate Mehmood Qureshi filed an appeal on their behalf on Monday

Qureshi argued that the prosecution’s story is based on dishonesty and mala fide, as it was based on ‘second’ version given by the complainant, DSP Aurangzeb Khan, who is also the victim’s father.


Shahzaib | 8 years ago | Reply

I believe that if he is gulity then Death is an easy way out for him as the pain he has given to the victims parents and family will continue for years and years to come while his pain will dimiish with his death.

Jude Allen | 8 years ago | Reply

On earlier posts I was criticized on my beliefs in capital punishment. Well, I stick to my beliefs. Send him to the gallows. Look at the smile on his face..... and then flashing the victory sign? For what? To prove that he is untouchable. This is not a criminal who deserves jail. This is a state of mind created by the feudal lords that they are above everyone else. They rule is supremacy and no power is above them. Look at that face. Its not someone who has been in jail. I've put on a worse face just showing up to work. No sir.. this is a cold blooded individual with no signs of remorse. The death penalty is the only solution not just for him but as an example to ANYONE who feels they are above the law. Power to the People and the nation as a whole is what we need.

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