Targeted attacks: Militants destroy school, torch house in Mattani

Police says 60 kilogrammes of explosives were used.

Riaz Ahmad June 06, 2013
Militants came to the area and held the watchman hostage while planting the bombs around the school. PHOTO EXPRESS

PESHAWAR: Militants blew up a government high school for boys in Mattani on Wednesday.

Locals said dozens of heavily armed militants came to the area and held the watchman hostage while planting four bombs around the school building.

The explosions occurred successively, destroying all 17 rooms of the school. Police said around 60 kilogrammes of explosives were used in the attack.

The school is located on the border of Frontier Region Peshawar and Mattani.

House destroyed

Unidentified militants torched two houses in Jaba. Police said militants attacked Nawaz and his nephew Farman’s house with RPG-7 rockets after surrounding the area.

Following a confrontation for about an hour, the house owners realised they were outnumbered and fled, following which the militants set it on fire. In the arson, another house was also damaged.

The police said they had heard rumours about militants taking several residents hostage, but discovered the next morning that all those living there had escaped and were safe.

This is the second such attack by militants on homes of rivals in the past one month. Previously, four houses in Sheikh Nala were targeted, in which a woman was killed and three others injured.

Published in The Express Tribune, June 7th, 2013.


ismail | 8 years ago | Reply

Pukhtuns should be ready for real change now. they were duped by the hollow slogans and thoughtlessly gave mandadate to a govt which can't even condemn these terrorist acts, what to say of stopping them. Despite lofty claims of simplicity, the new CM and speakers r roaming in bulletproof vehicles with a carvan of many security vehicles. not living in the CM means nothing, people need their leaders to show guts at the time of test. Pervez khattak got his 3 family members on women NA seats, now planning to send his son in law, same is being planned by asad qaiser for his these areas of mattani, badaber, and upper dir where JI got mandate, militants have started to regroup. so we should be ready now to reap what we sowed in the 2013 elections. the worst will come in 2014.

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