Dual education: From madrassa to mainstream

Published: June 4, 2013
"Only about half of Pakistanis can read and write" says Alum Khan. PHOTO: FILE

"Only about half of Pakistanis can read and write" says Alum Khan. PHOTO: FILE

There is a lack of a uniform education system in Pakistan and the prevalent education system is broken down into two types of teachings, a separate academia world and the other is religious teachings. 

In a documentary  produced for “Pakistan Calling”, Alum Khan says “The dichotomy of the education system sector has caused serious socioeconomic problems for the country and there is a dire need for educational reformation”.

According to experts in the field of education, religious education is further divided into different schools of thought that contradict one another and disrupt the unification of quality education.

In the academia world, education too is divided between two streams, the English medium taught in private schools for the rich and Urdu medium in affordable schools for the poor.

A notable problem is that the two academic systems are steering further away from each other.

Bushra Bokhari, a teacher at the Beaconhouse School, believes that integration of the two systems is needed. Unification of the education systems and interaction between the products of each is ideal according to the teacher.

“The graduate of each program is different from one another, they never interact even though they are the products of the same society”, said Bokhari.

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Reader Comments (2)

  • ashar
    Jun 4, 2013 - 7:43PM

    Iqra educational system is the best combination. But one must not confuse it with so many Iqra madrassahs.


  • naeem khan Manhattan,Ks
    Jun 4, 2013 - 7:43PM

    Education of our kids has been ignored deliberately by the elite or ruling class of Pakistan because their kids go to private schools and are on the assembly line to follow in their families foot steps where as Urdu schools kids are given the substandard education. It has been said time after time that the elite of Pakistan and specially the feudal don’t want to see the masses get education and stand up to them in the long run. Several years ago I visited my old school, Government High School No.2 in Mardan and was shocked to see the 9th class was sitting on mats with a one dimly lit bulb, this was plan criminal but who is to blame, we did put some florescent lights there but the conditions remained the same. It is time that education is given to the locals and let the locals elect the school boards for 2 years and manage the schools well-being, keep the Federal and provincial governments out of it but should contribute towards financing, local governments should be allowed to collect small portions of taxes for schools locally. And those who don’t or can’t perform to the standards, they should be replaced and bring those who care for their children’s education. Every one knows that children are the future of the country but the ruling class still ignore it with rampant corruption. I am hoping that PTI could revamp the education system in KP and bring it to the par with credible education institutions in the country and abroad.


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