Pakistani diplomat assaulted in India: Reports

Foreign Office lodges first information report (FIR) for attack on Pakistani diplomat Zargham Raza.

Web Desk June 03, 2013

Pakistan High Commission First Secretary Zargham Raza was allegedly assaulted by unknown assailants in New Delhi, Express News reported on Monday.

Raza was on his way to a market when he was attacked, leaving him seriously injured.

The Pakistan High Commission in India lodged an official protest with Indian authorities following the attack.

Indian news channel NDTV reported that Raza was allegedly manhandled after his car was involved in an accident with a motorcycle.

The report claimed that Raza hit a two-wheeler and the pillion rider, a woman, fell down. He did not initially get out of his car, after which a hostile crowd gathered. Delhi Police then escorted him to safety.

The Pakistan High Commission's version of events, as per the NDTV report, stated that Raza was being chased by a motorcycle. After an altercation with the biker, a group of 10 to 15 people assaulted Raza and his driver.

The motorocyclist was detained by police.

"Our First Secretary and his driver both of whom sustained serious injuries have been provided medical treatment and an FIR has also been lodged," Aizaz Ahmed, Pakistan Foreign Office Spokesperson told NDTV.

Note: This is a developing story and will be updated accordingly.


Rex Minor | 8 years ago | Reply


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Rex Minor

Rex Minor | 8 years ago | Reply


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Rex Minor

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