Imran urges Nawaz to shoot down drones if US does not stop attacks

PTI chief says his party would offer public support to Nawaz if he fulfills his responsibility on the matter.

Web Desk May 30, 2013
PTI chairman Imran Khan says the will support the government on drones. PHOTO: NNI/ FILE

On a day when the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) withdrew their offer of talks after their high ranking official was killed in a drone attack, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief reiterated his campaign slogan of shooting down the unmanned aircraft.

The PTI, in a statement from their Punjab chief, urged the Prime minister-elect Nawaz Sharif to realise that he had been given a mandate by the people  against drone attacks. The PTI chief said that if the US cannot be convinced to stop drone attacks, then the state should shoot them down.

Despite taking up seats on the opposition benches, Imran said that his party would support the government in fulfilling their responsibility on the matter before adding that drone attacks will not be tolerated at any cost. 


Saba | 8 years ago | Reply

people here who are saying that IK is trying to protect the TTP are blinded by their hatred of him so much so that they can't see the bloodshed of their own innocent pakistani brothers and sisters. According to the latest reports about 3000 innocent pakistani civilians died due to "collateral damage" from these drones.Imagine living in FATA knowing that you could be the victim of a drone strike at any moment. It's pathetic how we can't look past our differences and hatred for the sake of Pakistan. Also the US needs Pakistan to get its forces out of Afghanistan next year. It cant afford to be at war with us!

naeem khan Manhattan,Ks | 8 years ago | Reply

@SavePakistan: You might blame the Americans but the fault always lies with us, if our leaders would have not sold themselves or the country for might dollars, Pakistan would have been a free and sovereign nation among the wold community. It was Mush who has given the Jacobabad air base to the Americans to use and attack with drones, Americans never stopped interfering in Pakistan's internal affairs because the Pakistani ruling class let them. Majority of Pakistani politicians, some bureaucrats and even some military generals owns expensive properties in Europe and the US with ill gotten money and they are the ones who toadies to the whims of Americans. My advice to all Pakistanis is to clean up your own house, tighten the belts and stand up on your own feet and no one will be able to impose their will upon your nation because Pakistan is basically a proud country and people are intelligent and hard working, no doubt about it.

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