Benazir murder case: Pervez Musharraf granted bail

The court ordered Musharraf to submit two surety bonds of Rs 1 million each.

Web Desk May 20, 2013
Former president Pervez Musharraf. PHOTO: REUTERS/FILE

RAWALPINDI: Former dictator and arrested suspect Pervez Musharraf was granted bail in the Benazir Bhutto murder case, reported Express News on Monday.

The court ordered Musharraf to submit two surety bonds of Rs 1 million each even though the FIA prosecutor suggested that Musharraf should be made to pay Rs 1 billion for the bail.

Musharraf’s lawyers argued that this was a political case and the responsibility of Benazir’s security lay with the officers on duty, not Musharraf.

Another arrested suspect in the case Abdur Rasheed Turabi was denied bail by the court.

Pervez Musarraf is now at the centre of two cases, the illegal disposition of judges’ case and the Akbar Bugti case.

Musharraf’s lawyers plan to apply for bail in the judges’ detention case on May 22.

Safe exit for Musharraf?

PML-N sources said there was growing sense within the party’s ranks that Musharraf’s presence in the country and his possible trial could distract the new government from pressing issues. Therefore, if the former president is allowed to leave the country under the pretext of his mother’s ill health or any other reason, the party should not object to it.

While it is clear what the Sharifs intend to do, one party leader said: “If Musharraf leaves the country before the government takes charge, it will be a win-win situation.”

Reportedly, a message has been circulated within the army that Musharraf will be allowed to leave the country soon. The ‘message’ was conveyed in a bid to pacify growing unease within the army over the trial of its former chief.

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Civilain | 8 years ago | Reply

Wonder if the murder of the poor prosecution lawyer in this case couple of weeks ago...who kept saying he had enough evidence to prove Musharaf's involvement is linked to the decision or Nawaz's trip to Saudi Arabia where our Saudi brethren might have patched up things to give the suspect a "safe exit".

naim | 8 years ago | Reply

@Rex Minor: Come across many of your comments on et,always full of anti musharraf rhetoric,you obviously hate the great man,he dealt with the Islamic terrorists,you seem to have a problem with that,all Islamabad needs is good governance by a strong leader like musharraf. Negate all you like about musharraf,you can't take away all the good he did for Pakistan,people like you blame honest corruption free leader for all the ills in the country,ppp&pmln coalition did not know how to govern so let's blame Musharraf for everything,many years ago in Saudi Arabia government forces stormed makah,killed hundreds of terrorists, nobody objected Saudi action.Doors of Khana Kaaba have been open 7 times for patriotic Musharraf.

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